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What year did Vietnam start?

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The US Military arrived in 1955/56 under President Eisenhower's administration.

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What year did dance start in Vietnam?


What were the main events and key dates for the Vietnam war?

What year did the vietnam war start

What year did US get involved in the Vietnam war start?

The US had personnel in Vietnam since 1954.

When did the Americans in Vietnam start to fight South Vietnam?

Most historians accept the year 1961 as the starting point.

What year did the Vietnam war start and finish?

It started in 1959-1976

When did the USA's involvement in the Vietnam begin?

Historian's generally accept the year 1961 as the start of US military involvement in Vietnam.

What year did the Vietnam War start and end?

it started in 1954 and ended in 1979

When EXACTLY (daymonth and year) did the Vietnam War START and END?


What year did the US start fighting in Vietnam?

Although US sevicemen's deaths in Vietnam go back into the 1950's; most historians accept 1961 as the starting date for the Vietnam War.

When and where did the Vietnam war start?

1955 South Vietnam.

What time did the Vietnam start?

See website: Vietnam War

Who started Vietnam war?

America start vietnam war! Ok boi! Vietnam no start nothing!

When did the Vietnam start?


What time of the day Vietnam start?

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How did the Australia and Vietnam war start?

Australia never fought Vietnam.

In what year did the Vietnam War start?

Began under the Eisenhower administration in 1955 and ended under the Ford administration in 1975.

What year did the Vietnam start?

Guerrilla war started in 1955. Conventional war started in 1964 (Tonkin Gulf Incident).

When did the Vietnam draft start?

It started in WWII and continued up thru Vietnam.

Did south Vietnam ask for help from the us at the start of the Vietnam war?


Year by year how much money was spent by the US in the Vietnam War?

Begin with websites: Statistics about the Vietnam War & Vietnam War Time-Line

What year did U.S go into war with Vietnam?

The United States went into war with Vietnam in the year 1965.

When did Communism start in Vietnam?

In 1925

When did the conflict in Vietnam start?


What year was the Vietnam wall built?

The Vietnam wall was built in 1906

When did the first Vietnam War start?

The Vietnam war started in 1961, and ended in 1975.