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Q: What year did front wheel drive first come out?
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Does the Chrysler PT Cruiser come as a 4 wheel drive?

No, front wheel drive only.No, front wheel drive only.

Does the mini cooper have front wheel drive?

Yes and the new ones come in front wheel drive with option all wheel drive

What cars come with front wheel drive?

You mean, what cars don`t come with front wheel drive. Most to-day are FWD.

Does VW routan come front wheel drive?

yes - the vw routan's are all front-wheel drive.

Did Ford Mustang come out with a front wheel drive?


Is the diamante front or rear wheel drive?

The Mitsubishi Diamante is a front wheel drive car. and some model come awd

Did the 1994 ford ranger come in front wheel drive?

No , rear wheel drive or 4x4 capable

Is the 2012 Cadillac Escalade-EXT front wheel drive rear wheel drive all wheel drive or four wheel drive?

The 2012 Cadillac Escalade EXT can come with all wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

Is a 2004 mini cooper a front wheel drive vehicle?

Yes they are front wheel drive, but some come with all wheel traction control. Yes the 2004 MINI Cooper is front Wheel drive. MINI is now offering new models that have an All 4 option that are All wheel drive. - Justin Rogers, Service Manager - MINI of Murray

Do you have to pull the motor in a front wheel drive to change a head gasket?

No, the engine doesn't have to come out.

What types of mobility chairs are there?

The types of mobility chairs that are out there include a manual wheelchair, or an electric mobility scooter, which either come as a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

4 wheel drive wont shift on 1998 Tahoe.front wheel lights come on in high speed and front wheels low 4 wheel drive it will not shift inwhat could be the problem?

can not get 4 wheel drive to shift in 1998 Tahoe

Does the eclipse gsx 1995 come stock with a turbo?

Yes, all GST GSX models are factory turbocharged. The GST is front wheel drive, and the GSX is all-wheel drive.

Does the BMW 525 come in four-wheel drive?

The 525i does not come stardard with all wheel drive, but AWD does come with the 525xi trim level.

Do the 2009 Camaro come in all wheel drive?

The new Camaro is a 2010 model, and no, it doesn't come in all wheel drive.

If pushing the 4 wheel drive button doesn't put it into 4 wheel drive from 2 wheel drive what do I do?


Will an all-wheel-drive vehicle tend to oversteer more than a front-wheel-drive vehicle?

Depends how it's driven - a front wheel drive car can be prone to "lift-off" oversteer, which happens when you come off the gas mid way through a corner. An all wheel drive car will normally tend to oversteer if you use too much gas through the corner. It all depends on the car though!

Does Volkswagen routan come all wheel drive?

no, routans are only front-wheel drive (fwd). there were some all-wheel drive (awd) dodge caravans made in the early-mid 2000's, but i think the toyota sienna minivans are the only awd minivans available today.

Does the Chevrolet Camaro come in all wheel drive?


How come a Dodge 4x4 1997 will not go into 4 wheel drive it will not take the gears but the front shift turns?

It is probably a vacume issue.

Does Honda Accord come in 4wheel or all wheel drive?

Well, I assume that a Honda accord has 4 wheels so i'd say both. But i think a standard accord in the lower price range comes with front wheel drive.

96 grand Cherokee front bearing blew out can you still drive it even thogh it is full time 4wd?

No, The bearing is what your wheel rolls and sits on. No bearing mean Wheel will come off.

What might cause a increasing noise coming from the driver's front side wheel with acceleration that transmits to a vibration in steering wheel?

If the car is front wheel drive, could be worn left drive shaft/universal joint, especially if you hear cracking noise when turning tight and accelerating. You can check for broken rubber boot around the joint. If the car is 4 wheel drive, noise/vibration can come from damaged front transfer case/differential which is sometimes offset on the left side - usually caused by tight turns in 4 wheel drive on dry pavement? Steve

Does the Nissan vanette cargo manufactured after 2000 come with front wheel drive?

From 1994 to 2008, the Nissan Vanette was simply a badge engineered Mazda Bongo, which was available in 2WD (rear wheel drive) or 4WD (1995 - 2008 only). The Nissan NV200 Vanette - which began production in 2009 and effectively replaced the Vanette/badge engineered Bongo - is a front wheel drive platform, however.

Do Jeep Libertys come in 2 wheel drive?