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What year did slaves come to america?

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What year did the first slaves come to America?


When did slaves come to America?


How did African slaves come to America?

On boats.

What part of America did slaves come from?


Where did slaves that were sent to North America mainly come from?

Most slaves who were sent to North America came from Africa.

How did the poorest slaves pay for their trip ticket when forced to come to America?

Well this is just a guess but if they were forced to come to America to be slaves, maybe there owners payed for them?

What year were the slaves in America freed?


Where did watermelon come from?

it came from Africa slaves introduced it to America

How did slaves come to America when where and how long have they been here?


What year africans became slaves in America?

There is not a 'hard' date that slaves were called slaves in America. The first slaves that were brought to America were brought by the English to Jamestown in 1607, but the first recorded slave was in 1618. Also, there were also Native American slaves that the colonists bought.

What year were the first slaves sold in slave auction in America?

The first slaves were sold in 1665.

Did Britain come to set slaves free in America?

Since the US became independent of Britain as a result of the Revolutionary War, Britain did not come to set slaves free in America. It was not until after the Civil War that the slaves were freed by constitutional amendment.

In what year did slaves first come to current US?

in the year 1581

Which group did not come to America by choice?

The African American was the first group of people to come to America but not by choice. The were brought to American as slaves.

Where did the slaves in the Virginia colonies come from?

Most of them had been born in America

Why did Africans come to America if they weren't slaves?

Because they're black

Where did slaves come from during Colonial America time?

originally Africa, then Britain then the british traded slaves for goods

What year were slaves first brought to North America from Africa?

By the late 1500s, the introduction of African slaves was absorbed to north America. (Scientific American)

What continent did most of the slaves brought to America come from?


What year were slaves first brought to North America from Europe?

In 1441, the first slaves were brought to Portugal from northern Mauritania. ... By the year 1552 black African slaves made up 10 percent of the population of Lisbon. ... to the colonies in the British West Indies and British America. By the late 1500s slaves from Africa were brought to north America (Scientific American).

What are three things that happend to slaves during their first year in America?


In what year did the pilgrims come to America?

1620 was the year pilgrims came to America in the Mayflower

What year di pizza come to America?

1843 is the year of arrival of pizza to America

How did the first Africans come to Latin America?

As slaves for the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas.

Did all the colonists come to America on their own free will?

Yea! But their slaves didn't. :p

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