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South Vietnam NEEDED help each year. The problem NEVER got better. It just grew and grew.

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The victor writes the rules. Conquerors need no treaties. North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam (defeated South Vietnam)...there was no treaty.

The goal of the Vietnam War was to stop the spread of communism. As such, the US felt the need to stop the influence of communist North Vietnam, which entailed supporting South Vietnam in any way possible.

Yes, they help, but you need more. You also need a 'latitude' ... the distance of the location north or south of the equator.

Yes, Australian need visa for Vietnam. No matter, whether they are from Australia, The United States or whatever it is, to enter into another Country, the need of Visa is Important. If you're looking to visit Vietnam, you can get help from to apply for visa. By getting help from them, you can get you Visa within 2-3 days.

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A visa is required for US citizens to travel to Vietnam, China, and a number of other countries. To get Vietnam Visa within 2-3 working days, you can get help from

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Basically, Vietnam visa is not required if you transit couple of hours at the airports of Vietnam and you have to stay at transit are as instructions of the officers at the airports of Vietnam. You should contact with the officers at the airports of Vietnam and explain to them for help you your transit is not same flight and you have to go out transit area for your luggage

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The Mekong Delta. yep, that's right! Actually you need to phrase it correctly, it's the Mekong River that goes through them not the Delta. Because the Delta does not flow through Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam the river does.

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You go to diamond mines which is in the south. If you need help ask me.

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British citizens are required visa for entering Vietnam.

More hot than cold. At night in the mountains you do need a sleeping bag; or a jacket if up and about.

That he is kind enough to help someone when they need it. It does not specifically mean anything more than that.

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