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What year did the NFL officially start?

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The NFL was founded in 1920.

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In what year did the NFL begin?

The NFL officially began in 1920, according to "Football for Dummies" 3rd edition.

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What year did Kankakee start in?

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What year did Britney Spears start?

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What year did they start the NFL game on Thanksgiving Day?

1920 is the year The NFl started Playing on Thanksgiving

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What year did the NFL Falcons start?


What year did NFL football start?

In 1920.

What year did the NFL salary cap start?


What year did the Houston Texans start in the nfl?


What year did the NFL and the AFL merge?

The AFL and NFL merged before the start of the 1970 season.

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when does the nfl playoffs start?

The NFL playoffs start Sunday, January 1st in 2012. Every year the playoffs for the NFL start at the same time. Then the playoffs continue even up to and past January 8th 2012.

What year did the 49ers start playing in the NFL?

The 49ers joined the NFL in the AAFC-NFL merger in 1950. Their existence dates back to 1946.

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When do the NFL season end?

Officially? February 8.

In what year did randy moss start playing football?

Randy Moss's first year in the NFL was 1998

What year did Kurt Warner start in the NFL?

in 1998, as a ST. Louis Ram.

When did NFL start enforcing head to head hits rules?

IN the Year 1998

What exact day does the NFL season start this year?

September 05 2012

When did the Detroit Lions first enter the NFL?

The Detroit Lions officially played their first match in 1929 as a team with no sponsors. It wasn't until the year later in 1930 that the Detroit Lions entered the NFL.