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What year did the Pilgrims have their first Thanksgiving feast?


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The Pilgrims had their first Thanksgiving feast in the year 1621.

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53 pilgrims attended the thanksgiving feast in the year of 1621. The rest were sick or had died.

John Smith was actually not at the First Thanksgiving feast. He arrived before the pilgrims around 1607. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 with the settlers of Jamestown.

The year was 1621. The Plymouth colonists had their autumn feast, which was the first Thanksgiving supper. The Indians in question were from the Wanpanoag tribe. This harvest feast was a celebration of the cooperation between the pilgrims and the tribe.

The first Thanksgiving occurred in November 1620. The Pilgrims were so thankful for that feast because it meant that they had successfully survived the year and managed to grow their own food.

Religion was very much a part of everyday life for the Pilgrims. They believed the Native Americans who had assisted them during their first year in Plymouth were put there due to God's providence. The Thanksgiving feast was as much about thanking God as it was about thanking the natives. Prayer would have been a big part of the feast.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated on the year 1621. It wascelebrated by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indian's.

In the year of 1621, to celebrate a good harvest.

in 1621 the Pilgrims and the wompanog tribe of Indians held the first thanksgiving if you type in in what year did the Pilgrims hold the first Thanksgiving it says 1860 or something like that.i looked it up on wikipedia and it says it was held on1621.

The first thanksgiving was in 1621, so this year(2014) it is 393 years ago.

They were thankful that they had survived a year in the new land.

Thanksgiving was first celebrated during the year of 1621. 1621 with the Pilgrims

Thanksgiving originated from the feast held at Plymouth Plantation in 1621 to celebrate the colony's first successful harvest.

The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1620, celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621 and settled Massachusetts Bay in 1629.

The pilgrims traditionally celebrated Thanksgiving on the final day of November every year (November 31st).

Thanksgiving, (hence the name "giving" "thanks"- "Thanksgiving") is a day giving thanks for all the blessings of the year. Originally celebrated by pilgrims and Indians, the day was celebrated with a large harvest feast. They would sing and dance in celebration of all they had recieved.

In the United States, "first Thanksgiving" refers to the the pilgrims and Indians' feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest in 1621. That was 390 years ago from the year 2011. As a national holiday, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. In 2011, that was 148 years ago.

The event that Americans commonly call the "First Thanksgiving" was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621. This feast lasted three days, and as accounted by attendee Edward Winslow it was attended by 90 Native Americans (who provided most of the meat: five freshly killed deer) and 53 Pilgrims. The New England colonists were accustomed to regularly celebrating "thanksgivings", days of prayer thanking God for blessings such as military victory or the end of a drought (not feasts).In later years problems arose between the Pilgrims and Native Americans.

No, the Pilgrims did not have a harvest feast the following year (1622), because the harvest was so poor. In fact, they did not begin to prosper until around 1625. The harvest feast was not considered a "day of thanksgiving" by the English--to them, a day of thanksgiving was a religious observance. The Pilgrims did have a day of thanksgiving in 1623, not for the harvest, but for rain, which ended a long drought. Over the next 150 years, harvest feasts were held sporadically throughout the American colonies, in good years. It was not until 1789 that George Washington declared "a day of public thanksgiving and prayer", to give thanks to God for the establishment of a self-governing nation of people. Even then, Thanksgiving was not an annual holiday. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation setting the date of the Thanksgiving holiday that we now observe.

to celebrate the great harvest that year

Pilgrims celebrated thanksgiving because they wanted to celebrate the accomplishment of their colony and how they survived throughout the harsh year with the help of the Indians.

The second Thanksgiving was likely held around the same time as the first. The date of the large feast was dependent on the success and time of the harvest for the year.

because pilgrims celebrated it too.

It was a normal event each year to fast for a week and then have a dinner to celebrate the harvest. The Pilgrims called it Homeharvest. In 1621 they had their first good harvest and had their dinner. Our view of this event comes from 1700’s artists renditions of what happened. It was Lincoln who declared Thanksgiving a holiday in 1863.

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