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What year did the fist music CD come out?

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The first music CD's were made available for purchase in October 1982. I believe they were first sold in Japan by Sony. =) === ===

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What year did the fist music CD come out in UK?

The first commercial music CD arrived to usa and UK in 1983.

What year did the first music CD come out in England?

the first CD was made by sony in 1972

What year did the music CD come out?

CD's first appeared in 1982.

What was the name of the first Rihanna CD and what year did it come out?

Music of sun released 2005

Does the CD The Way of the Fist by Five Finger Death Punch come edited?


What year was the first music CD released?


How come you cant import music from CD?

Why you can't import music from a CD remains a mystery. The rest of us can. (See links below)

What year was the music CD sold in?

Music CD's are still being sold; they were not sold in one particular year.

What was the first music CD to come out?

The first album released on CD was Billy Joel's "52nd Street."

What year did music come out on CD's?

In 1986, Queen became the first artist to have its entire catalogue converted to the CD (Compact Disc) format.

When does nick Jones CD who i am come out?

I don't think he has a CD coming out but his music video for who i am comes out January 1st

What year did the first Jonas Brothers CD come out?

The year that the Jonas Brothers first CD came out in was 2006.

In what year did CDs fist sell out Vinyl Records?

There is no data regarding the cd's first sell out of the record. The first cd ever released was a Billy Joel cd in 1982.

What year were music CDs and CD players introduced to japan?


What are good gifts for 12 year old girls?

music CD

What year did the CD come out in the UK?

August 1984.

First music CD to come out in the Us?

First CD ever made was ABBA's "The Visitors" in 1982, pressed in Germany

What do you called song in movies that come in as a music CD?

It's called a soundtrack!! the songs from a movie on a CD are called the soundtrack.

When will now That's what I call music CD 75 come out?

it has been out for ages

When is korn's new CD going to come out?

There is noset date for the CD to come out yet, but will be coming out late this year/earl next.

What do you do to keep the music on the CD do you rip or burn?

To keep music on a CD, it is already there and you do nothing. To put music onto a CD, you "burn" it to the CD. To copy music from a CD to some other memory location, you "rip" it.

What year did the Jonas brothers first CD come out?


What year did the first CD come out?

August 17, 1982

What year did chris brown first CD come out?


When does the new your Chemical Romance CD come out?

later, this year ;)