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I bought a 71 Dodge demon brand new in 71 and it was hemi orange.

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Q: What year did the orange dodge dart come out?
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What year was the Dodge Dart introduced?

The first Dodge dart rolled off the assembly line in 1960

How many 1970 dodge dart swingers were produced?

In 1970, there were 13,785 Dodge Dart Swingers produced. The front and rear styling was updated during this model year.

What is the last year dodge dart was made?

1976 was the last model year of the dart in North America. I believe that the Valiant (from whence the Dart came) lasted a little longer in other markets.

Did dodge offer a 1970 gts?

No, 1969 was the last year Dodge made a Dart GT Sport (GTS).

Are they still going to make dodge calibers srt4s?

No, the last Caliber was the 2012 model year. It has been replaced by the Dodge Dart.

What was a popular year for the dodge dart?

the dart was pretty popular from 64 through 74, I would say the 68-69-70 were the most popular.

Can a 318 or a 340 fit in a 225 use to be in a dodge dart?

Absolutly. A Dodge Dart had the 318(5.2L) the 340(5.6L) and the 360(5.9L) V8s as options. Depending on the year will tell you what engines could be avalible. R.W.

Does anyone have a Diagram of Freeze Plugs on 318 engine for a 1973 Dodge Dart?

go to the library and get a chiltons repair manual for you year dodge.

How do you install carb linkage on a 64 dart slant six?

get a chiltons repair manual from the library for your year dodge.

What year did the dodge viper come out?


What year did the dodge stratus come out?


Where can I get a parts diagram for a 1967 Dodge Dart 225 engine?

you could try a chiltons repair manual from the library for your year vehicle.

What year did the dodge charger come out?

1966 was the first year of the charger.

What year did the dodge charger come back out?


What year did dodge come out with 5.7 hemi?


What year did the first dodge challenger come out?


What year 1963 - 1973 did Dodge Dart rims change to 14 inches?

the dart was a full sized vehicle in 62 ans 63 and had 14" rims the new dart came out in 64 as a smaller version and I believe had 13" wheels unless it was high performance and it had 14" wheels.

What year did Dodge first release the Magnum?

The Dodge Magnum model name had been used from 1978 to 1979 for a large coupe in the United States. In Brazil, the Magnum name was a top of the line version of the local Dodge Dart from 1979 to 1981.

Was there any 1972 Dodge dart swingers produced with a 340ci engine?

yes I believe 72 was the last year of the 340 and in 73 they started with the 360.

What year did the first v6 Dodge Durango come out?


What engine sizes come with the dodge charger?

Depends on the year...

5.7 hemi dodge engine what year did it come out?

The 5.7L Hemi V8 originally came out in the 2003 Dodge Ram

How many 1967 dodge dart gt convertibles were maunufactured with the 273 V8?

I believe 65 or 66 was the last year of the 273, the 67 had a 318 if I remember right.

What grade oil is good for hot weather?

That depends on the year, make, and engine size. A Dodge Dart may call for 0W20, while a 6.7L Cummins diesel uses 15W40.

What year was DTS switched to DART?