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Islam began in Mecca after Muhhamed fled from there on the Night of the Flight in 622. Muhhamed died ten years later in 632 and the religion spread to the rest of Arabia and expanded into its current position as one of the worlds largest religions.

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Is it true that the first religion in the Philippines was Islam and if so in what year did it begin there?

The official religion is Islam.

When did Muhammad begin teaching people about Islam?

Muhammad started teaching Islam religion in the year of 610 A.D

What religion did Muhammad begin?


When did the division of Islam begin?

never began and never will begin. Different Islam schools don't mean division of Islam religion. Refer to related question below.

Where did the religion Islam begin?

Islam in its universal sense began by beginning of universe creation. However, Islam religion per God revelation of quran to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began in Mecca (or Makkah) in Saudi Arabia. Imailism is what the religion is called, and i am sure it began in islam.

What religion is the most converted to each year?


Is Muslim a religion or Islam?

Islam is a religion. Muslim is the follower of Islam religion.

Is Muslims the same as Islam religion?

No, not the same. Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers of Islam religion or the people who believe in Islam religion.

Why did the first caliphs begin a military conquest of other regions?

to spread the religion of Islam

In what peninsula did Islam begin?

The Islam religion, per God revelation of Qur'an to Prophet Muhammad, started in the Saudi Arabia Peninsula.

What year did the Islam religion group start?

circa 600AD.

What is the ancient religion of Islam?

It is Islam religion.

Is Islam a religion or race?

Islam is a religion. :]

What is the most popular religion in Islam?

Islam is a religion - therefore the answer is Islam.

How did the religion Islam begin?

God's word was revealed to Mohammed in the years before AD 621.

Is Islam the religion of Satan?

no Islam is not the religion of Satan it is a beautiful religion

When was the Islam religion begin?

All the Prophets preached Islam. Hazrat Adam (AS) was the first Prophet of Islam. The last Prophet of Islam was Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) who started preaching Islam in570 AD, in Kakka, Arabia.

What is the original religion of Islam?

Islam is it self a religion

Is Islam the same as Muslims?

Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers of Islam religion.

In what year did Islam religion begin?

The first man Hazrat Adam (AS) was a Muslim. All the Prophets had been preaching Islam.The last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was born in Makka (Arabia) in 570 Ad and started preaching Islam in 610.______________________________________________________________Islam started by start of universe creation. Refer to question below.

What part of the world did the Islam religion begin?

Islam religion per God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) began in the current country of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Approximate year the religion was founded?

Islam was approximately founded in 611AD.

What year did Malcolm X change his religion?

He converted to Islam in 1952

What is religion found by the Prophet Muhammad?

Islam and is the second largest religion of the worldIslamMuhammad is the main proptet in the religion Islam. He is not the religion, but the center of the religion.

Is islam a universal or local religion?

Islam is a universal religion. It is second largest religion of the world, next to Christianity.