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The religion of Islam originated in the Arabian Peninsula in year 610 AD, the date of revelation of the first verses of Quran by God to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril).


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By and large, Islam is the predominant religion on the Arabian peninsula.

Islam was the religion that spread from the Arabian Peninsula to Africa.

The religion that took over north Africa, Spain, and the Arabian peninsula, is called Islam.

It originated in the Arabian Peninsula to be specific modern-day Saudi Arabia.

Arabian peninsula is the place where all major religions of the world originated including Judaism , Christianity and Islam .

The Arabian peninsula.

The Arabian peninsula, in Mecca.

Islam began and rooted itself in the Arabian Peninsula.

Ariabian Peninsula, But you could call me a genius

In the Arabian Peninsula to the South West of Asia.

on the period of MOHAMAD, in the Arabian Peninsula

Arabian Peninsula (Asia)

Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia)

Because Islam is not limited to the people of Arabian peninsula. Even if the Qur'an was only revealed to Mohammed, the contention is that God foresaw that Islam would be a universal religion and apply in places where pigs were commonplace.

Prior to the advent of Islam, the majority of people on the Arabian Peninsular were pagans, but significant numbers had converted to Christianity and Judaism. Even the Prophet Muhammad's cousin was a Christian.

Makka (Mecca) city of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Arabian peninsula., in 610AD.

People of Arabian Peninsula were not monotheist before the emergence of Islam. They were worshiping idols as partners to Allah (or God in English).

The Arabian Peninsula which is Saudi Arabia now

Largest Country on the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia. Two Holy Islamic Cities in Saudi Arabia: Mecca and Medina.

The Arabian Peninsula was located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, which provided opportunities for the expansion of Islam both by conquest and by trade.

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