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They didn't. Currently in the United States, the only FDA-regulated food products required to have an expiration date are infant formulas.

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Q: What year did they require food companies to put expiration dates?
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What year did the food and drug administration require food expiration dates to be posted on canned foods?

The FDA does not require companies to put expiration dates on any foods.

Who invented food expiration dates?

Food and Drug Administration?

What year did expiration dates begin on food?


What year did food expiration dates begin?


Where is the expiration date located on canned food?

If there is an expiration date on canned food, it will generally be on one of the can ends. Sometimes you might find it on the label. Not all canning companies will put an expiration date on their products.

When did expiration dates become required?

That really depends who the regulating authority is. Expiration dates are not required on all food products in the United States.

How do you read expiration dates on canned goods?

Manufacturers differ on where they place expiration dates. You can find this information on most food manufacturer's websites.

What year did they start putting expiration dates on food seasoning packages?


Can a product be consumed on the date of expiration?

yes, usually a product is good for a few days AFTER its expiration date. an expiration date is usually just a guideline for how long to keep food for and is just a way that companies try to avoid being sued for food poisoning.

Why there is no Use by date on Deep Foods products?

Many foods are not required to have "best by" or "expiration" dates. That would depend upon the laws that apply to the food. Many companies utilize such dates because it is good for business and the consumers demand it.

How do you read expiry date on Boost?

If you find the words "expires on 7-13-2015" on a Boost product. then that is the expiration date. Expiration dates on food products are important, because if you consume the food after the expiration date, then you have a greater chance of getting sick.

How do food manufacturers prevent food from going rancid?

Make sure all FDA codes are followed including sanitation tempertures, code dates of original manufacturing dates, and expiration dates.

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What year did expiration dates begin on food?

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What year did they start putting expiration dates on food seasoning packages?

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