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Any four liter engine should work in your 1994 Ford Ranger cup truck. The Ford four liter engine may need the motor mounts to be changed.

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Q: What year engine will work in your 94 ford ranger 4.0?
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Why is there no thermostat in a Ford Ranger?

There is supposed to be an engine thermostat . Do you mean that someone has removed the engine thermostat ? What year of Ford Ranger and what year ?

What part number is the Ford Ranger oil filter?

What year of Ford Ranger , and what engine size ?

What weight oil does a Ford Ranger use?

That would depend on what year of Ford Ranger and what size of engine it has

How many uarts of oil does a Ford Ranger take?

I would need to know what size engine you have and what year of Ford Ranger in order to answer your question

The 2008 ranger has an aluminum block how long has the ranger used the aluminum blocn on the 2.3?

On the 2.3 litre Dual Over Head Cam four cylinder engine in a Ford Ranger : Ford started using that engine in the Ford Ranger during the 2001 model year

What weight of oil is used in a Ford Ranger?

That would depend on the model year and engine size of the Ford Ranger A little more information please

How much will a engine install cost for a ford ranger?

The labor time for a 2000 Ford Ranger with a 4 cylinder engine is 10 hours, or roughly $900. It could be more depending on the year of your vehicle and for the 6 cylinder engine.

How many quarts of oil in a 6 cylinder Ford Ranger?

A little more information please What model year and 6 cylinder engine size of Ford Ranger

How much coolant does a ford ranger radiator hold?

The coolant capacity of the Ford Ranger is dependent on model year and engine type. The latest model year of the Ford Ranger was 2011. The 2011 Ranger with the 4. 0L V6 and the automatic transmission had a coolant service fill of 13. 2 quarts.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a Ford Ranger is there one or two?

A little more information please ( what year of Ford Ranger , what size is the engine ) As far as I know there could be as many as four oxygen sensors or as little as one depending on the year and engine size

The first year of Ford Ranger?

I believe The first year for the Ford Ranger as a unique model was 1982

Which 2000 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder engine uses 8 spark plugs?

In a 2000 Ford Ranger : ( the 2.5 liter four cylinder engine , which was the only four cylinder engine offered from the factory for a 2000 Ford Ranger , not like the 2001 model when they started with the 2.3 liter DOHC later that model year )

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