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There is no serial number data for the Company Hopkins and Allen in the private sector available.This firm was in business from 1867-1916.No laws required serial numbers at that time,and those that were marked with a serial number have no records remaining today.If you have a single shot shotgun,these were made from 1887-1902.If the markings say Hopkins and Allen Manufg.Co.Norwich,Conn on the gun then this was made from before 1896.If you have a double barrel shotgun,then these were made from 1902-1916,when they went out of business.

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Q: What year is a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial number 5053?
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What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial number 1760?


When was Hopkins and Allen shotgun made with serial number S9469 made?


Need to know gauge of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial number 6685?

There is noway to tell what gague a shotgun is just from the serial number. Take it to a gunsmith.

Value of Hopkins Allen shotgun serial?

100 USD or so

What gauge is the Hopkins and Allen model G single shot shotgun serial number 247842?

Can't be told with just the sn.

Does anyone have information on a Hopkins and Allen 20 gauge single barrel shotgun pat in 1880s with serial number 6247?

Utility grade shotgun, 50-100 USD or so

What year was the Hopkins and Allen arms co shotgun serial number R7677 made?

Between 1902 and 1914. If its a sidelock, between 1906 and 1909.

What is the manufacture date of a Hopkins Allen shotgun serial 29288?

No sn data published that I know of.

What is the age of a Hopkins and Allen Arms Co 12 gauge Forehand model single shotgun serial 221277?

Hopkins and Allen took over the Forehand name in 1903 and continued until 1915.

What is the value of Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial no 20009?

i just like numbers, that's all :D

What is the year of manufacture of a Hopkins and Allen single shot 16ga shotgun serial number S 9 7 1 2?

If it is Hopkins & Allen MFG Co, sometime between 1868 and 1898. Hopkins & Allen ARMS Co would be from 1898 to 1915. A 16 gauge would more likely (but not certainly) have been made after 1900.

How old is a forehand Hopkins and Allen arms co 12 model 147576?

Sorry, that is a serial number, not a model number. Forehand & Wadsworth was acquired by Hopkins & Allen in 1902. Due to a number of problems, the H&A company closed for good in 1917. Your shotgun is likely from the time between those two dates.

What year was the Hopkins and Allen 10 gauge was made serial?

You need to provide the serial number

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen Arms Company 20 gauge shotgun serial no 09955?

50-100 USD or so

Pricing forehand 12ga dbl shotgun Hopkins an Allen arms co?

i have a single barreal shot gun with the serial number s 3641 can you tell me what year this is and what it's worth

How do you read the serial number on a Hopkins and Allen arms co forehand model?

You just read it.

Where can you find a stock for a Hopkins and Allen single barrel shotgun?

I have a nitro hunter 12 ga serial 555281 $50 for the whole gun

Hopkins Allen arms serieal number 9570 worth?

Impossible to value with just a serial number.

What is the year of a Hopkins Allen handgun with the serial number of 186544?

1870-1910 or so

What is the year of manufacture of a Hopkins Allen 12 gauge serial U5497?

If the shotgun is marked Hopkins and Allen Manufacturing Company, Norwich Conn. it was made between circa 1880-1885 and 1898. If marked Hopkins and Allen Arms Company, it was manufactured between 1898 and 1915. No records are available to give a more exact date of manufacture.

Where can you get a replacment stock and forearm for a Hopkins and Allen singleshot shotgun?

Start with - they sometimes have Hopkins & Allen parts

Anything about a Hopkins Allen shotgun called the forehand it's a single shot break open hammer on the butt no sights serial number233932?

i also own a Hopkins & Allen single shot break open shotgun with "Forehand" inscribed on its side and i recently learned from another forum that Forehand was another gun manufacturing company that was taken over by Hopkins and Allen from 1901-1902. Hopkins and Allen continued to put Forehand on their models until 1903. therefore the gun you own is dated somewhere between 1901-1903.

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial 54067?

Single barrel, under $100. Double-barrel up to $200 unless heavily ornamented.

What calibur is serial 832 rifle Hopkins Allen co?

The Hopkins & Allen 832 was chambered in .32 RinFire Short.

What is the year that Hopkins and Allen made a Forehand 12 gauge with serial number 15460?

Hopkins and Allen purchased Forehand Arms in 1902, so sometime between then and 1915 when the company closed.

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