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Impossible to answer without a serial number.


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Impossible to answer without a serial number. You will need to call Browning. serial number 60121m70

The suffix of M71 was assigned to the Browning model BAR(Browning semi-auto rifle) which was made in the year 1971 in Belgium for Browning.

You will have to call Browning with the serial number.

A detailed description is needed. Is it a hand gun or a long gun? Revolver or Semi-auto? Bolt, pump, single shot or semi-auto rifle/shotgun? Serial number?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

They refer to this handgun as the browning model BDA (browning double action auto) pistol.

The letters nv in the middle of your serial number indicate that your browning was made in 1995.

What year is a16 gauge browning semi auto made in st. Louis with serial number a8547

How value is Browning 300 Win Mag Semi Automatic

If we are talking about a Browning auto-5 semi auto shotgun?Then the serial number indicates that it was made in the year 1922.

The M69 in the serial number dates your browning BAR to the year 1969.

The 3T prefix to your serial number indicates that you Browning .22 auto rifle was produced in the year 1963.

With the serial number that you provided, your Browning 12 gauge auto-5 shotgun was made in the year 1925.

I would need to know the Browning model number besides the serial number to get you any info on your semi-auto browning pistol.

A Browning auto-5 shotgun in 12 gauge with the serial number provided,indicates that it was made by FN of Belguim for Browning in 1905.

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