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According to Chinese zodiac calendar 2010 is the Year of the Tiger.

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Q: What year is it according to the Chinese zodiac calendar?
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What animal year is 2010?

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, the year 2010 is the tiger.

What animal represents the Chinese zodiac for 1948?

According to the Chinese calendar, 1948 was the year of the rat.

What is the most recent year of the pig on the Chinese zodiac calendar?

2007 was the last year of the pig on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar.

What Chinese year is it'Referring to date'?

According to Solar Calendar, it is 2010 for the Chinese too, but according to Lunar Calendar, it is still 2009 for the Chinese. Until after Chinese Spring Festival, it enters the year 2010 on the Lunar Calendar formally. It is also called the "Tiger" year from生肖(shēnɡxiāo) the zodiac year.

What is the last year predicted on the Chinese zodiac calendar?


What animal are you if you were born in the year 1981 on a Chinese calendar?

In the Chinese zodiac you would be the Rooster.

What is the Chinese zodiac sign for 1989?

1989 was the Year of the Snake... please be aware the Chinese Zodiac is based on a lunar calendar.

The Chinese zodiac for 2006?

2006 is the year of the Dog. Do take into consideration that the Chinese calendar is based on a Lunar calendar and does not start on Jan 1st.

What Chinese zodiac sign for June?

Chinese zodiac signs are according to the year of birth not the month of birth.

What animal represents the year of 1997 in the Chinese calendar?

The cow/ox is the zodiac animal for the year 1997

2010 is year of the?

2010 is the year of the Tiger according to the Chinese zodiac.

According to the Chinese calendar 2010 is the year of the?


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