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Your 94 was manufactured in 1906. I find the website to be helpful......just type in your 94's serial number. andrew

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Q: What year is model 1894 serial number 339623 manufactured?
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When was the model 99 serial number 655391 manufactured?

when was the savage model 99 serial number 655391 manufactured

When was this dryer manufactured with serial number lde9606ace?


What year was a Winchester model 94 30WCF serial number 1237317 manufactured?

Winchester Model 94 serial number 1237317 was manufactured in the year 1940.

What year was your Winchester model 94-30 wcf serial number 1473686 manufactured?

Winchester Model 94 serial number 1473686 was manufactured very early in the year 1948.

How do you determine the year a model 92 was manufactured?

The serial number

What year was your Remington Model 11 Shotgun Manufactured Serial?

Need the serial number to answer.

When was Winchester model 62a serial number 362274 manufactured?

With the serial number provided,your Winchester model 62a was made in the year 1957.

What year was serial 489397 Browning shotgun manufactured?

What model is this for? The serial number is not a Auto-5 number of Browning Arms Co. What model is this for?

What year was Smith and Wesson Model 17 22 LR serial number 58631 manufactured?

No such serial number in the Model 17 range.

How can you find out what year a Crestliner boat was manufactured using the model and or serial number?

With serial number 703110 and model number 20670 can u tell me what I have for a boat??

When was Winchester Model 94 rifle with a serial number of 1854389 manufactured?

Your Winchester was manufactured in 1952.

How can you find Manufactured date on Remington Model 1893 Shotgun with no serial number?

You cannot the serial number is required.

What year was Winchester Model 94 Win Special Serial number 372931 manufactured?

Your Winchester Model "1894" serial number 373931 was manufactured very late in the year 1907.

What year was a Winchester model 1873 with serial number 167655a manufactured?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 1873 was made in the year 1884.

How old is Winchester model 62 A serial number 143838?

Winchester Model 62A serial number 143838 was manufactured in December 1941. Bert

What is the age of a Winchester model 61 serial number 179013?

Winchester Model 61 serial number 179013 was manufactured in January of the year 1952.

When was Winchester model 42 serial number 33365 manufactured?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 42 shotgun was produced in the year 1938.

When was Winchester model 94 serial number 3460487 manufactured?

With the serial number that you have supplied;your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1971.

What year was model 94 serial 3201086 manufactured? has Winchester serial number tables.

What year was Winchester Model 1894 serial number 93431 manufactured?

In 1897 the Winchester Model 1894 will serial number 76,465 to 111,453 were manufactured. 93431 is halfway in between those numbers, so it can be assumed that it was manufactured in June or July of 1897.

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When was the Winchester Model 12 serial number 551486 manufactured?


When was the Winchester model 12 serial number 10931 manufactured?


Can you find out when a particular firearm was manufactured by its serial number?

Depends on model