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You will have to call Browning with the serial number.

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The prefix of 4T indicates that you have a Browning auto rifle in 22 long rifle that was made in the year 1964.

This is a Browning .22 auto rifle made in 1968.

The prefix of 9T indicates that your have a Browning 22 auto rifle chambered in 22 LR(the letter T)and was probably made in the year 1959.This designation was used by Browning from 1956-1960.

Last year I bought a Browning A-bolt 22 rifle for 300 dollars.It was new in the box.

Browning made .22 rifles AND pistols- you did not tell us what you have. The Browning website, customer service, has historical data for many Browning firearms by serial number. See if your model is listed. If not email Browning.

You will have to call Browning with the serial number.

Could your serial number read 8E instead of B?If so your rifle was made in the year 1968.Browning did not use the prefix of the letter B ahead of its serial numbers for any rifles in 22 caliber.

The 3T prefix to your serial number indicates that you Browning .22 auto rifle was produced in the year 1963.

It is a Browning .22 semi automatic rifle simply called ".22 semi-auto rifle". Made in 1963. Yours is chambered for .22 long rifle cartridges

Impossible to answer without a detailed descriptiion of all markings.

Your Browning auto rifle in 22LR was made between 1956 and mid 1961.

Your gun was made in 1956. As for the value, it is all dependent on condition.

I can say that your rifle was made at the end of production.The Browning trombone model rifle were only made in the total amount of 150,000 grade 1 rifles.If you contact Browning directly through the customer service dept,they should be able to date your rifle.I suspect that it was made sometime in the 1960,s. the phone number for Browning Customer Service. Your serial number does not track with current production rifles.

Contact Browning or visit their website at

I'm looking for viedo or a manual for the disassembly of a Browning BL-22 rifle. I have an exploded view of the rifle, but no procedure.

You will have to call Browning with the sn to find out.

You have a Grade I Browning takedown semiauto .22 rifle made in Japan in 1986. Browning offers a scope mount for that rifle, their item #12333. Aftermarket mounts are available from Leupold, Burris, etc.

Winchester and Browning

The prefix of 4T indicates that your Browning .22 was made in the year 1964.