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73 nova is the only nova were the back window rolls down

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βˆ™ 2012-04-26 15:32:33
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Q: What year nova can the back window roll down in?
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What years do the Toyota Tundras rear window roll down?

All the models that are double cab have a roll down back window.

How do you fix the passenger side window when it will roll down but will not roll back up?

Probably need to replace the window regulator.

Why won't the window switches work on a 1999 Honda Passport?

Good question, I have a 98 and my drivers window will not work at all, and I can roll the rest up and down, but not the rear drivers, I can roll it down but you have to roll it up from the back seat.

How do you reset the power windows on LR2 after battery failure?

The directions are in your manual. Roll the window down, roll the window up, release the button then hold it up for two seconds, roll the window down, release the button then hold it down for two seconds. Repeat that for each window.

Window will not roll down here a click sound?

relay or window module

Can a power window fuse cause window to not roll up or down?


How do you but an ac in a 69 bug?

Roll down the window...:)

Why would a 2001 Suzuki window only go down about an inch and give you a shock when you try to roll it down?

Take it back to the dealer.

Can you take something out of the back windows to make them roll down all the way?

Nope sorry, 1 the doors in a Tahoe are not shaped right to allow the window to roll down all the way.

If a window WILL roll down in a 1993 Grand Cherokee Limited and not roll back up what could be the problem if the switch is good and also it worked for a few minutes then stopped?

I'd check the power window motor?

Your power window on driver side wont roll up?

1999 Pontiac motana mini van driver window will roll down but will not roll up ??????

How do you pay a toll if window does not roll down?

Open the door!!

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