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73 nova is the only nova were the back window rolls down


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All the models that are double cab have a roll down back window.

Good question, I have a 98 and my drivers window will not work at all, and I can roll the rest up and down, but not the rear drivers, I can roll it down but you have to roll it up from the back seat.

The directions are in your manual. Roll the window down, roll the window up, release the button then hold it up for two seconds, roll the window down, release the button then hold it down for two seconds. Repeat that for each window.

Nope sorry, 1 the doors in a Tahoe are not shaped right to allow the window to roll down all the way.

1999 Pontiac motana mini van driver window will roll down but will not roll up ??????

Roll down the window...:)

When my back window would not roll down, I checked the rear window wiper assembly. The blade assembly needs to be down in a certain position before the window rolls down. Mine happened to be a little stuck up in between the window and the black insulation. Just wiggle the wiper down a little and try again.

The window is jamed, or your wires connecting your button to the window or busted.

roll the window down and relax!

you could have blown a fuse

get a cup of warm water, pour all over window,wipe it down, try again, it should work.

There is a feature on the dash board to roll up/down the shade screen on the back window. I hit the button and it brought it up but now it won't go back down? Possibly a fuse blown?

sometimes a failing lift motor will go down but not back up. Otherwise, it could be an open circuit in the wiring. Remove the door panel and use a voltmeter to check whether current is getting to the motor from both switch directions.

Roll down the window using the switch on whatever door your are trying to synchornize, then back up and keep holding the switch up for 2 seconds. Do that for each window and they will all be auto.

All Toyota 4Runners back windows roll down. The first and second generation 4Runners are the only ones to have the drop down tailgate however. The last year run on the drop down tailgates was 1995. From 1996 to the present, they have liftgates.

Your switch could be worn out you would have to replace the rocker to the switch or replace the whole window switch console.

roll down the window and look for a gas station if you run out of fuel

most likely the rear window wiper has not retracted or returned to the proper UP or NOT IN USE type position so manually help it back UP until you can research repair or replacement of window assembly motor or perhaps replacing the magnet part that keeps it in that UP position. that's what i am learning still and may your window roll up when the rain comes down!

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