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You MUST call Browning.

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Colt is the primary manufacturer. Fabrique Nationale did manufacture some of the M16A2 rifles.

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Colt. Licences to manufacture it were also granted to Fabrique Nationale, Chartered Industries of Singapore, and Daewoo Heavy Industries.

Fabrique Nationale (the name of the company) arms of war, Herstal, Belguim (place of manufacture. Brownings patent filed.

This is the Belgian firearms company Fabrique Nationale

Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal

fabrique nationale & Taurus

Without knowing the rest of the markings, my best guess would be late WWII.

This model was created in the world war era around 1927. The cost of purchase as at that time was $300.

Fabrique Nationale de Herstal

Fabrique nationale darmes was one of the companies founded by Henri Pieper of Belgium but he made guns under many names as well as autos (not many) and bikes also. Fabrique nationale darmes along with the other names were one of the largest gun making outfits in the world

You will have to call FN and provide the serial number.

It was invented by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN) in Herstal, Belgium

Need complete sn and full descripiton.

The F2000 assault rifle was developed in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal.

The FNP series is a product of Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FNH).

Colt Defence, although they no longer exclusively have the rights anymore, and future orders could possibly be fulfilled by companies such as Fabrique Nationale (who have been contracted to manufacture M16A2s), CMMG, etc.

I have a Fabrique Nationale D'armes deGuerre Hherstal Belgigue Browning s patent Depose nv 1466.23 SN #669464

Fabrique Nationale does not have a plant in Argentina, and never did. Argentina did manufacture the FN FAL under license, and that was in 7.62x51, but it's doubtful you have an original military FAL. You'd need to give a make and model for this question to be answered.

The gun was made in Belgium; by FN (Fabrique Nationale) in Liège.

You will have to contact FN to find out.

Fabrique Nationale first made the gun for Browning in 1937

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