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Q: What year was Dr George Alexander born?
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When was Dr Alexander John Chandler born?

July 5, 1859

What did Dr. Alexander Flemings invent?

Dr. Alexander Fleming invented penicillin

When and where was Dr Zeda Rosenberg born?

Dr Zeda Rosenberg was born in the year 1961. Dr Zeda Rosenberg was born in Maryland,USA.

What year was Dr Stephen Lowell Swisher born?

Dr. Swisher was born on August 23

What year is Dr. Seuss born?


What year was Dr Howard Stoate born?

He was born in 1954.

What year was dr cres eastman born?


What year was dr Lisa masterson born?


What year was Dr veronica Chan born?


When was Dr. Seuss born and year?

march 2,1904

What year was Dr Percy Lebaron Spencer Born?

Dr Percy Lebaron Spencer was born on the 9 July 1894

What year was Dr. Seuss born?

March 2, 1904

What year was Dr Barnardo born?

July 4th 1845

What year was Dr. Phil born in?

September 1, 1950.

What year did dr susses die?

1991. He was born in 1904.

What actors and actresses appeared in Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd - 2008?

The cast of Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd - 2008 includes: Grant Baciocco as Dr. Grant Chris Hardwick as Alexander Hamilton Douglas Price as Dr. Floyd Jeffrey Tambor as George Washington

Who discovered pennicillin?

Dr. Alexander Fleming.

What is dr manettes first name?


When was Dr. George Grierson Award created?

Dr. George Grierson Award was created in 1994.

When was Dr. George Rigas House created?

Dr. George Rigas House was created in 1936.

What has the author Alexander Wilson written?

Alexander Wilson has written: 'The death of Dr. Whitelaw'

What year was Samuel rawlins born?

Dr. Samuel Rawlins was born in 1942 on December 28th.

What year was Dr. Fiona Stanley born?

Dr Fiona Stanley was born 1st of August, 1946 in Sydney Australia, New South Wales.

Who invented the first incubator?

Dr. Alexander Leon

Dr Alexander Fleming's 1920 discovery revolutionized medicine and treated millions of people with serious diseases?

Antibiotics was discovered by Dr. Alexander Fleming in 1920