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What year was a Winchester model 1894 30 caliber firearm serial number 369414 made?


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With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1906.


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Please state the Winchester model number,serial number,and the caliber or gauge of your firearm so that you could receive a answer to your question.

the term 38-55 stands for the caliber of the firearm,the age of your firearm will be determined by the model number and serial number.the 38-55 caliber was introduced in the mid 1890,s.

You will have to contact Winchester.

The year of manufacture for serial number 1155567 is 1941. Source:

The Winchester 55 .22 caliber was not serialized.

It is generally impossible to tell the caliber/gauge of a firearm from just the serial number.

The Winchester model 69A is a pre-serial number firearm and as such does not have one.

We are going to need to adjust your question!First the number supplied is the serial number ,not the model number.Second,winchester did not make any models in .38 special caliber.Third,in order to answer your question correctly we will need the maker of the firearm,the type(rifle,shotgun,handgun,etc.)the markings found on the firearm,and the caliber markings.

Virtually impossible to determine caliber by just the serial number.

Winchester never marked there firearms in the manner in which your question reffers.Winchester did make a model 55 lever action rifle.If you would provide the model number and serial number of your Winchester and a brief description of the type of firearm we are talking about along with the caliber,I may be able to answer your question to your satisfaction.

The manufacturer is normally stamped on the firearm next to the model, caliber, and serial number.

your Winchester model 1894 was made in 1909.As to the caliber it should be marked on the barrel of the rifle.(ie,30 30-30 caliber).32wcf is 32 Winchester special.38-55 is another possable caliber.

Yes you can.You would need to mail in your request,with the Winchester model number,serial number,and the caliber to the Cody Firearms Museum,720 Sheriden Cody WY.82414.There will be a $60 dollar charge for the service.i would first contact them and see if the firearm that you want researched is on there list.and if any additional cost will be needed to research your individual firearm.

Your winchester model 1894 rifle was made by winchester in 1898.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 1894 rifle in 30-30 Winchester caliber was made in the year 1977.

Winchester did not make a firearm with that model number.

I would need the model number and the serial number to answer your question properly.

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 9422M in .22WMR caliber was made in the year 1995.

You will need a model number not just the caliber

22 caliber rifle Winchester model 61 serial number 46958 is considered very valuable. This specific Winchester model group is worth any where from 500 dollars to over 3,000 dollars.

The numbers .308 are the caliber of your rifle,not the model number.Please include the model number and serial number to get the age of your Winchester rifle.

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