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2009-01-13 04:07:45 has Colt sn data.


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The caliber should be marked on the slide.

A Colt 1908 hammerless .25 with that serial number was made in 1914.

A Colt 1908 hammerless .25 with that serial number was made in 1912

You must call Colt with the serial number and ask them or repost your question with the serial number if you want an answer here.

It sounds to me that you have a Model 1908 hammerless model in .25cal.your serial number would indicate that this pistol was made in the year 1919.

Virtually impossible to determine caliber by just the serial number.

No way to answer without a detailed description of all markings, caliber/gauge, etc..

Caliber can not be determined by serial number.

Serial numbers do not designate calibers. Look on the brrel to ID the caliber.

Can't tell the caliber from just the serial number.

No way to know the caliber from just the serial number

The manufacturer is normally stamped on the firearm next to the model, caliber, and serial number.

It would be in 36 caliber or 44 caliber...

I show a Colt 1908 hammerless .25 with that serial number as being made in 1920, so it would be 91 years old.

Basically impossible to do with just the serial number.

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it. has a sn function listed under customer service you can use.

A Colt .25 automatic with serial number OD44723 was made in 1972.

The caliber of this weapon is .45 ACP, or it's full name is .45 Automatic Colt Pistol.

Impossible to answer without a DETAILED description to include caliber, finish, condition, box, papers, accessories, model, sights and serial number.

By model, caliber and serial number.

The serial number. Ruger's webiste has extensive serial number data you can pull up. Go to the product history link on that page under customer service tab.

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