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Your Colt Lawman revolver was made in the year 1972.

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When was a colt revolver serial number 89556 produced?

Without a detailed description, someone would have to research every serial number of every model of revolver Colt ever made.

What year is a colt lawman mk iii serial number 21081L?

your colt lawman mkIII was made in 1978.

What is the age of a colt revolver serial number 8707 name of the revolver is Police Positive 38?

The Colt police positive .38 with sn 8707 was produced in 1906.The second year of production.

New colt police double action revolver serial number 13804?

If it is a Colt new police .32,it was produced around 1902

What year was a Smith and Wesson Model 36 revolver produced and what is?

No way to answer without the serial number. If you call S&W with the sn, they can help you.

When was Harrington Richardson Arms CO 38 revolver Number 153136 produced?

Not enough information provided. Need description of the revolver, including any and all markings on barrel and receiver, type of action and model if available.

What is the Manufacture date of a Colt Official Police Revolver Serial Number 904734?

Colt official police with serial # 904734 was produced around 1965

What is the age of a colt revolver cereal 78918?

what kind of revolver?? by the way, its serial number

What year was a Colt revolver made with serial number SA394846?

Serial number shows it is a single action revolver made someime after 1978.

Where is the serial number on a Colt Revolver?

depends on the model revolver. single action just in front of trigger guard............ modern revolver bottom of butt............

Colt 32 cal. hammer less revolver serial number 144844 any info on when made?

Colt model 1903 hammerless .32 was produced in 1913.

What year is colt lightning serial number 56927?

For the .22 rifle, 1901 & for the .32,.38.& .44 rifle it would be 1891.If you have a colt lightning revolver,it was produced in 1886.

What year is a Colt single action revolver serial number 305068?

A Colt single action army (Pre-War) with the serial # 305068 would have been produced around 1908.

What is the age of an RG industries revolver model RG14s serial number Z134532?

I also own one (different model #), and my best estimate is that it was produced in the mid- to late-1970's.

What is the date of manufacture and value of a smith Wesson revolver model 586 serial number adn3525?

The Model 586 was produced c. 1980-1999. There were a number of variations. It would help to know the barrel length and the posting of a picture.

What is the date of manufacture of a colt 1917 serial number 189558?

if your pistol is of the model 1911 with serial number 189558 then it was made in 1917 by colt. If it is the revolver then the serial number is to high for the 1917 revolver.

Can you tell the year your revolver was made by the serial numbers?

Generally, yes, if you submit the make, model & serial number of the revolver.

What year and value is a sw 38 revolver serial?

Impossible to answer because you did provide any information about the revolver or the serial number.

How do you find out if a revolver is factory engraved?

By asking the factory to check their records on that serial number revolver. It may cost for the research.

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