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North Korea and South Korea were divided in 1945, at the end of the Second World War. They are separated by what is known as a demilitarized zone.

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Q: What year was north and South Korea divided?
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Who is the leader of north Korea and south Korea?

2011 year north Korea : Jung-il Kim south Korea : Myeong-bak Lee

What year did the Navy support South Korea in its war with North Korea?


What are 2 similarities between north Korea and south Korea?

South Korea and North Korea are sharing 5 thousand year history. The race is same and the language is same.

What year did the US support South Korea to North Korea war?

1950 to 1953

What year did north and South Korea split apart?


What year did Korea become North Korea and South Korea?

Korea was splited in 1948; at that time it was split into South Korea and North Korea. Resulting in the korean war to this very day... their technically still against each other.

North and South Carolina were divided in what year?


What year did south Korea becomes a replubic north Korea becomes a communist country?

1948 for both

Does Korea have a new year holiday?

Yes, both North and South Korea celebrate New Year's Day where it is called Sinjeong.

WHAT YEAR did the Korea war start and no dont say North Korea invaded South Korea?

Its 1950, June 25th at dawn.

When was South Korea's flag adopted?

1948, the same year the country was founded. South Korea's flag closely resembles the flag which Korea had before it was divided. That flag was adopted in 1883.

When was North Korea founded?

North Korea was founded when WW2 ended in 1945. Korea was divided up between the communist world and the free world; just as Germany was divided the same year by the same people...East and West Germany.

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