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It was written and published in 1967

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When was the movie The Outsiders created?

The movie The Outsiders was created in the year 1983.

What year did The Outsiders take place in?

The Outsiders took place in the year 1965. You have to look at clues from the book, but that was the year it took place.

The last page of The Outsiders by s.e.hinton?

The last page of The Outsiders WAS written by S.E.Hinton, and it was pg. 180.

What year was the movie outsiders set?

The Outsiders is a classic 1983 American drama film based on a novel. It is set in the year 1965.

What was the year in the Outsiders?

S.E. Hinton started the book "The Outsiders" in 1965, and the story takes place in 1965.

What do you like about the outsiders novel?

kids today get to find out what life was like in the 60s and It was written by a 16 year old girl who writes very well.

What year were the people in in the book The Outsiders?

They were ranges from 15-27 The year was about 1966

What has the author Susan Eloise Hinton written?

Susan Eloise Hinton has written: 'Les outsiders'

What year does The Outsiders take place?

The Outsiders takes place in 1966, but still relates to the social situation for the past 46 years.

What day month and year was Dallas Winston from The Outsiders born?

The date that Dallas Winston from the book, The Outsiders, was on July 22, 1952.

What is the Publication Date of the book Outsiders?

The publication date of the book The Outsiders was April 24, 1967. the book was written by S. E. Hinton.

How old was the author of The Outsiders when it was written?

Susan Eloise "S.E." Hinton was all of 17 years old when her first book "The Outsiders" was published.

In the outsiders who was the Greaser that was closest to being a soc?

In The Outsiders, Darry is the greaser who is closest to being a Soc. The novel was written by S. E. Hinton.

What is the sequel to The Outsiders?

There is no official "sequel" toThe Outsiders, though That Was Then, This Is Now is often said to be. It contains references to characters in The Outsiders (including Ponyboy Curtis, Curly and Tim Shepard and a couple more), and was written by the same author, S.E. Hinton. It takes place about a year after The Outsiders, but doesn't focus on the characters of that book, besides small cameos from the characters. like I said earlier no OFFICIAL sequel, I would call this a sequel with a different storyline

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