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how many shells does it hold

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Q: What year was the Savage 30D shotgun made?
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Who made the Revelation 300 twelve gauge shotgun?

It a Savage models ... 30D, 30E, 30F or Stevens model 67

Can you convert a Savage 30D 12g shotgun to pistol grips?

If you mean "can I find the parts to install a pistol grip and vertical forearm onto a Savage model 30D 12 ga pump shotgun?" then the answer is almost certainly no. While the butt stock and forearm come off the 30D easily enough, the gun hasn't been manufactured since 1978. No company is manufacturing aftermarket parts for a 30 year old gun. Any such parts would have to be hand made. Note: federal law requires a shotgun to have a minimum barrel length of 18", measured from the face of the closed breech to the muzzle, and a minimum overall length of 28"

Where do you get diagrams of a Revelation Model 300 Shotgun?

This is a Savage models 30D, 30E, 30F 0r a Stevens model 67, or Savage model 30-30AC Check these models. I appears both Stevens ans Savage made a model 300 for Western Auto under the Revelation name.

What year was the marlin model 30d 22caliber rifle made?

My records indicate that the Marlin model 30D was a slide action shotgun available in either 16 gauge or 20 gauge,that was made from 1910-1914.The D grade was the highest level of finish available.

How do you found out what the gun is worth It is a Savage 30D 12 Gauge?

Check the auction sites to see what they are bringing.

How do you disassemble a savage model 30D?

You might find a video on youtube, I usually get a lot of info from there. Type in gunsmith or the name of your gun.

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Can I buy an extra lens for my Canon 30D?

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Western-auto 30-30 caliber lever action rifle?

Most likely it's a savage model 30D-30E-30F or 30-30AC

What is the age of a 2 3-4 inch 12 gauge Savage Model 30D pump with a Poly-Choke and a 26 inch barrel?

I was looking through a reference book the other day and the Model 30D with ventilated rib, engraqved receiver and variable choke was manufactured in 1971. According to the listing it was discontinued after that one year. Value in Excellent condition was shown at $200. I happen to own one so was also interested in it's history.

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