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The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. The first Thanksgiving as a national holiday was 1863.

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Q: What year was the Thanksgiving made?
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In what year was thanksgiving officially made a holiday?

1799 was declared

Year of Thanksgiving?

The year of the first Thanksgiving was 1621.

Who made up Thanksgiving?

who made uo thanksgiving is james baker

Did the Mayflower Compact made Thanksgiving?

no the mayflower compact was not what made thanksgiving

Is Thanksgiving on the 25th of November?

Thanksgiving sometimes falls on the 25th of November. It depends on what year it is. Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday of November. The next year Thanksgiving will be on the 25th of November is 2021.

What is a Thanksgiving time of the year?

Thanksgiving year is when ever and Tim 1 a.m. November 25

What year did the president make thanksgiving a holiday?

President Abraham Lincoln made it a holiday in 1863.

Which president made Thanksgiving day a celebration?

Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Who invented Thanksgiving and Memorial Day?

The Pilgirms "made" Thanksgiving.

What year did they start the NFL game on Thanksgiving Day?

1920 is the year The NFl started Playing on Thanksgiving

What day each year is Thanksgiving held?

In the US, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November (which this year falls on the 24th). In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October.

When is Thanksgiving day 2013?

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 28, this year.

What year did people celebrate Thanksgiving?

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621.

In what year the 1st Thanksgiving celebrated?

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated on the year 1621. It wascelebrated by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indian's.

What year did President Lincoln declare Thanksgiving a holiday?

President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a holiday in the year 1863.

When will Thanksgiving fall on every year?

In the United States, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November. The actual calendar date will vary year to year.

What is Thanksgiving 2015?

In the year 2015 the Thanksgiving holiday will be on Thursday November 26th.

What is Thanksgiving 3443?

In the year of 3443 the holiday of Thanksgiving will be on Thursday November 23rd.

On what day of the year is Thanksgiving?

In the U.S., Thanksgiving is held on the 4th Thursday in November.

What day of the week is Thanksgiving on a leap year?

Thanksgiving Day is always on a Thursday.

How many turkeys are killed every year on Thanksgiving?

Around 5.32 Million turkeys are killed each year on Thanksgiving.

When was Thanksgiving made a legal holiday?

thanksgiving is also a legal holiday in canada .when is it

When was Thanksgiving made a national holiday?

1604, how can that be when the pilgrims had the first thanksgiving in 1621

Why was Sarah Josepha Hale important to Thanksgiving?

She made thanksgiving a national holiday

Who created the Thanksgiving holiday?

The pilgrams had a thanksgiving but didn't make it a holiday,it was Abe Lincoln who made thanksgiving a national holiday.