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What year was the VW Scirocco made?

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The Scirocco debuted in 1974, for the 1975 model year. This was the same year the Golf/Rabbit came out.

2008-10-19 22:33:07
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When was VW Scirocco created?

Volkswagen Scirocco was created in 1974.

Is VW scirocco rear wheel drive?

No, it is front wheel drive as is every current VW

What type of car does heidi montag drive?

a silver vw scirocco

How fast does a VW scirocco go?

175 miles pher hour

How do you pronounce 'scirocco'?

Scirocco is pronounced (Seer-ock-O)

Is the Vw Scirocco a safe car to drive?

VW are a quality car manufacturer and all their models will have been rigorously tested. If driven responsibly, with skill and with the proper care, they are extremely safe vehicles.

How do you pronounce 'scirocco?

Scirocco is pronounced SIH - ROCK' - OH The SIH is like "sit" without the T at the end. :)

What year is your VW with VIN 23104242519221258?

I need to find the year of my vw van that i just rescued so i can try to find restorative parts.... help, and thanks . PS. its a German made vw.

How do you find out the year of a VW beetle?

The third number of the serial number is the year it was made.

Where can a 87 vw scirocco hood be found that's not going to cost an arm and a leg?

Try for a used one. Go to and search for: FS scirocco hood - in all forums. Your VW is a 'mk2' which may be how it is described. You can also browse all forums, which has classifieds in regional categories. HOWEVER, large items usually are pickup only.

What is the lug nut spacing for an 1983 Scirocco?

Scirocco wheels use 4x100mm bolt patterns.

What company makes electric windows for VW Scirocco?

Hello, I have just come out of a UK e bay site and a seller has an electric window kit on offer as BUY IT NOW for

What is the wheel bolt pattern on a BMW Bavaria?

4x100, forget the hub diameter but can use wheels from the e30 (non-m3) and old vw golf/jetta/scirocco etc.

Is there a factory made Volkswagen scirocco gti?

only in Europe. here they were just called 16valves

What year is your old VW transmission?

vw transmission 002301103 what year did it fit?

When did Volkswagen start making the Scirocco?

Volkswagen start making the Scirocco between 1974 and 1992 for the first two generations, the third generation in 2008 to present. The Scirocco is a three doors coupe.

What year is your vw 1582027912?

It was made between January and July of 1978, it is a 1978 Beetle.

What year is the VW R32 made?

in the US 5000 made in 2004 for the mk4 version 5000 made in 2008 for the mk5 version

What year was the vw beetle made?

The first beetle was made in 1931, if I remember correctly, and it is still being manufactured today.

How much would a 1946 VW cost?

ALOT. that was the first year volkswagens were ever made.

Where is the VW Polo made?

New VW Polo for EU market is made in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Were can you get an electrical diagram for a 1986 Volkswagen Cabriolet or Rabbit?

buy a chilton's manual, and it will be in there. your local vw dealership service dept should be able to print one out for you... I have, and am currently researching this issue. The Chilton's manual (I have a copy) does not reflect correctly the '86 Cabriolet. These were built in the Scirocco facility (years '85 thru '93 I believe). For correct wiring as well as other issues with your '86 VW Cabby purchase the "Volkswagen Cabriolet, Scirocco Service Manual" from Bentley, Stock Number VS93.

How fast does a vw go?

Depends on what model and year Volkswagen you are referring to. If you are asking about a VW bus then it depends on the year.

Who made VW car?

Volkswagen (VW) is a German car manufacturer.

How was VW car made?

They were made in Germany