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began 1965......serial # began 1969 with SC01001

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What year was the first 45 long colt lever rifle made?

The first 45 long colt lever rifle was made in 1985.

Colt lightning 22 cal serial number 46598 what is the manufactuer date year?

If it is a Colt lightming rifle it was made about 1900.

When was your Colt Official Police 22 long rifle pistol serial number 1478 made?

A Colt official police caliber.22 with the serial number 1478 was made in the first year of production ,1930.

What year was your colt 1911 made 242793?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Colt Model 1911 was made by Colt in the year 1918.

What year is colt lightning serial number 56927?

For the .22 rifle, 1901 & for the .32,.38.& .44 rifle it would be 1891.If you have a colt lightning revolver,it was produced in 1886.

What is the year of manufacture of a colt lightning medium frame rifle with serial number 1494?

Based on proofhouse.com with a serial number that low, it was made in the first year of production in 1884.

What year was colt police positive serial number 340215 made?

Your colt police positive was made by colt in 1930.

What year was Colt police Positive serial number 433115 made?

Your colt police positive was made by colt in 1935.

What year was Stagecoach made?

If you mean the John Wayne movie then 1939

What year is a colt python 94931?

That Colt python was made in 1969.

What year was colt ssa S05547A made?

You will have to call Colt to find out.

What year was colt 25 made with serial 277053?

Colt hammerless .25 was made in 1920

Can you tell me any history behind a Colt Lightning serial 26270?

If you mean the Colt lightning Model 1877 double action revolver with serial number 26270 ,it was made in the year 1880 If you mean the lightning .22 rf rifle,it was made in 1897.

What year was a colt SAA serial SA35098 made?

Proofhouse.com has Colt sn data. If not there, call Colt.

What year was a 38 colt police positive 156xxx made?

your colt police positive was made in 1924.

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