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Q: What year was the digital TV tuner used?
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What is the use of a digital tuner?

There are a few uses for a digital tuner, it can be used when needing to tune a guitar to ensure each string is in the correct key or there is a digital tuner which can be used for your TV to receive a signal that enables you to watch various channels through a digital TV set.

Does the tv have a built in digital tuner?

High Definition TV Tuner Built-In for over the air,Satelitte direct tv tuner added on for Digital.

Can I receive digital tv without cable service or a converter box?

Yes it's called Broadcast Digital Television. Does the TV have a built in digital tuner? A Digital Tuner receives Digital Broadcast Television. The menu will show if the TV has a built in Broadcast Digital TV tuner.

Does this TV have the new input for digital cable?

It does have a digital tuner built in. This LCD TV has a built in digital tuner,so you can receive all digital broadcast.

Does the Sony trinitron srs tv have digital tuner?

No, the Sony Trinitron tube televisions with Sound Retrieval System (SRS) did not have a digital tuner. The tuner was analog.

Does the sony trinitron tv model kv-27s10 have digital tuner?

No, it doesn't. If a TV does have a Digital Tuner then it will say so in the menu.

Which TV has the best digital tuner?


How do you know a tv is digital?

If it has a built-n digital (ATSC) tuner.

Do all TVs have qam digital tuner?

No. Digital sets are the most likely, and there are different digital systems which require a different sty;e of tuner.

Why doesn't a digital TV with a digital tuner get a digital picture?

The signal sent to the TV must be a digital signal as well.

When everything goes digital, how will I know if my television will work?

All televisions sold after March 1, 2007 include a digital tuner (by law) so you are good if you have bought a TV since then. If your television is labeled as �Integrated Digital Tuner,� �Digital Tuner Built-In,� �Digital Receiver,� �Digital Tuner,� �DTV,� �ATSC,� or �HDTV� then it has a built in device that will be fine after Feb. 17, 2009. If your television set is labeled as a �Digital Monitor� or �HDTV Monitor,� or as �Digital Ready� or �HDTV Ready,� this does not mean it actually contains a digital tuner. All this means is this TV is capable of handling the converter box. Thus, you still will likely need a separate set-top box which contains a digital tuner in order to view over-the-air digital programming.

Is there a digital tuner in Samsung TV model ln-s2351w - can the TV receive off-air digital signal currently?

There is a digital tuner in the Samsung model. It is also possible for the TV to receive off air digital signals.

How can I save digital TV signals to a hard disk?

You can install a Digital TV Tuner in your computer.

How do you find out if your Apex television has a built-in ATSC tuner?

If it can tune in digital TV signals, then it has an ATSC tuner. If not, nope.

What is a PC TV tuner used for?

A PC TV tuner is typically used to watch or record television programming on one's desktop or laptop computer. There are both analog and digital TV tuners available on the market for consumers.

What is an ATSC tuner used for?

ATSC stands for Advanced Television System Committee. It allows for the reception of digital television in digital televisions. It is also called an ATSC receiver.

Does the Hitachi model 43FDX01B color tv have a digital tuner?


Can a digital TV receive analog signals?

Yes if it has a NTSC Analog tuner and No a ATSC Digital Tuner will not receive NTSC Analog and vice versa.

Does the Samsung TV model number TSL3293HF have a digital tuner?

No. It's HDTV-ready, which means an external digital tuner would still be required. It's merely capable of displaying a digital picture, but needs the tuner to do so.

Is Durabrand DU1901 digital?

If a television has a built in broadcast television digital tuner it will be in the menu set up.

What is a dual digital tv tuner?

A DualDigital TV Tuner allows you to watch one digital TV channel and record another one at the same time. Also this can be used to allow the picture-in-picture function to work with two different channels displayed.

Will your digital tuner play the channels you had to have a digital cable box for?

No if you have a built-in digital tuner insisde your living room TV set, you will only receive the local CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX affiliate digital television stations.

Does the Samsung 940mw have a digital tuner?

Unfortunately not, although this unit will process digital signals and HD signals from the computer the TV Tuner portion is NTSC-M, PAL-M/N, PAL-SECAM and in order to process digital TV signals in the USA the tuner must receive ATSC (digital) signals

Is a lcd TV digital?

By law, every TV sold in the US since the fall of 2006 MUST be a digital TV with a Digital tuner.

Who makes a VCR with a built in Digital TV tuner?

It would be illegal to sell a VCR without a digital tuner now.So if you buy a VCR with a tuner it should be digital.If it's not you should take it back.