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Dunking of the Basketball in the American Basketball Association was banned from 1967 to 1976. It was brought back because of its popularity.

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Who was the first person to slam dunk a basketball in the ABA?

George gervin

What year did the slam dunk become illegal and then become legal again?

The slam dunk has always been allowed in professional basketball. However, NCAA banned dunking in college games from 1967 to 1976.

Who invented the dunk contest?

Jim Bukata, the former director of marketing and public relations for the ABA, invented the Slam Dunk Contest as a method of selling more tickets, in 1976.

Did Julius Erving win the dunk contest in the ABA?

Yes. In 1976 the ABA held the first ever dunk contest. (It would also be its last since the ABA merged with the NBA following the 1976 season.)The contest was held at halftime of the ABA All Star Game in Denver, CO.The contestants were Artis Gilmore, George "Iceman" Gervin, David "Skywalker" Thompson, Julius and one other player. They all had to perform certain dunks and 1 freestyle dunk. David Thompson did a 2 handed 360 on the baseline and some other great dunks but Julius won the contest and performed his famous free throw line dunk. When the NBA brought back the dunk contest for All Star Weekend in Denver in 1984 Julius went up against younger players who grew up idolizing him. He came in 2nd to Larry Nance that year and passed the torch to the next generation of dunkers.

When did dunking start in the NBA?

The NBA gives credit for the first dunk to George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers in 1961. The dunk has always been a legal shot in the NBA. However, college basketball banned the dunk from 1967-1976.

In what year did the ABA and NBA merge?


When was the dunk reinstated?

The dunk was banned from 1967 to 1976 in college basketball, according to I'm not sure it was ever banned in pro basketball, except that the players used to just lay it up rather than dunking in fear of retribution (in the form of hard fouls), if I remember correctly.

Can a 15 year old girl dunk a basketball?

No, only guys can dunk, girls are too small and wimpy.

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What year was the slam dunk illegal?

in december 1891

What year did dunk a roos come out?

They came out in 1988

Who won the most nba slam dunk contests?

Kryptonate [Nate Robinson] 3 year slam-dunk champion

Who won the 1998 dunk c?

Nobody won the 1998 dunk contest because the NBA did not hold one that year.

Which year did Dwight Howard win the nba slam dunk contest?

Dwight howered has won the slam dunk contest in 2009

Has LeBron James won an NBA slam dunk contest and what year was it?

LeBron has never won, or competed, in an NBA dunk contest.

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What year did Kobe Bryant win dunk contest?


What year did Michael Jordan dunk on Patrick Ewing?


Do you think I can dunk I'm 14 and 5ft5-5ft6?

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What year did Kobe Bryant win the slam dunk contest?


Who was the first Nba player to dunk a basketball and in what year?

Joe Williams

What year did Kobe Bryant win the nba slam dunk?

in 2004

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