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the first computer was invented in 1957

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Q: What year was the first regular computer invented?
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Who and what year was the first computer invented?

The first computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1837.

What year was the first computer invented?

The very first computer was the Abacus, invented in 3,000 B.C. For a history of the modern computer, use Google Search and type in Computer History.

In what year the first computer invented?

In 1943

What year was the computer monitor invented?

The year that the first computer monitor was invented was 1930. It was created by Allen B. DuMont, an American inventor.

What year was the first computer printer invented?


What year was the first computer game invented?


In which year was the first computer invented in India?

In 1981

What year was computers made who invented it?

1936- Konrad Zuse invented the Z1 Computer. This was the first computer that was freely programmable.

What year was the computer made and who made it?

Charles Babbage was the first one who invented the computer. He made it in the year 1822.

Who first invented PlayStations?

Sony Computer Entertainment invented the first PlayStation (PS) in December of the year 1994

What year was the first commercial computer invented?

The first commercial computer was invented in 1964 by Engineer Pier Giorgio Perotto of Olivetti. The device was named Programma 101.

What year was the first HP computer invented?

dogs and cats did it they really did

Who invented the PC and in what year?

The first electronic computer was invented in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania. It is called ENIAC.

What year what the first computer invented?

Bill Gates great Uncle, Johnathon Gates. Created the very first computer in 1864.

Who invented the first personal computer with color graphics and in what year year?

it was introduced in the year 1975 and invented byMITS Altair

When was the first computer invented in what year day month?

1940 march 2

Which year was computer invented?

The computer was not invented in any one year because so many people were working on different computers at the same time. It is believed that the first computers were built as early as the 1940s.

When was computer database invented?

Dr. Edgar Frank Codd invented the first database in the year 1996. His birthplace is Portland and his birth year is 1923.

What year computer was invent?

The first electronic computer was invented sometime in the mid 20th century, 1940-1945.

What year was mini computer invented?

The first minicomputers were invented in the 1960s. The next generation, the micros were invented in the mid- to late-1980s and 1990s.

What year and during what war was the first computer invented?

the first computers were invented in mid 1930s but nothing was actually built until beginning of ww2.

What year was the first HOME computer invented?

The Apple II was likely the first workable home computer system. It was introduced to the public in June of 1977.

Who invented the first computer keyboard?

Name:Christopher Latham SholesInvention:Computer KeyboardWhat year was it invented?1875

When were computers made?

in the year 1936 konrad zuse invented the z1 computer. it was the first freely programmable computer, but it was electromechanical not electronic

Which year computer invented?

the Z1 was created by Conrad Zuse in 1936, its considered to be the first electro mechanical binary programmable computer