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What year was the song America the Beautiful written?

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America the beautiful was written in 1893. Happy to help!

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Q: What year was the song America the Beautiful written?
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What year was America the Beautiful written?


What year was America the song written?

The song "America" was written and recorded by Neil Diamond in 1980. The song was released in 1981 and reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song beautiful dreamer was written by?

It was the last song written by American composer Stephen Foster, published postuhumously in 1864, the year Foster died.

God bless America facts?

God Bless America' is an American patriotic song. The song was written in the year of 1918 by composer, Irving Berlin.

What is La Isla Bonita by Madonna about?

The song "La Isla Bonita" has been released by Madonna in the year 1987. The story of the song is about a beautiful island - and according to Madonna a tribute to the beauty of Latin America.

What year is the song Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston from?

Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston was released in 2007.

What year did Christina Aguilera release the song Beautiful?

Christina Aguilera released the Song Beautiful on November 16th 2002. The song is from her album title Stripped which was her fourth album that she has released.

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Who sings hello beautiful?

The Jonas Brothers sing Hello Beautiful. It is on the album with their OTHER song Year 3000.

What year was God Bless America written?

Songwriter Irving Berlin first wrote the song in 1918, and later revised it in 1938.

What is special about Colorado state?

Colorado became a state in the centennial year of 1876. The song "America, the Beautiful" was written when Katherine Lee Bates visited the top of Pike's Peak and saw the beautiful, natural scenery of Colorado. Colorado is also one out of 3 states that have no natural borders (the other 2 states are Wyoming and Utah).

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Exactly one year ago.

What movie was the song Count Your Blessings written for?

The song Count Your Blessings was written for the movie Count Your Blessings. The song was written by Irving Berlin in the year 1954. This song was written for a 1959 drama starring Deborah Kerr.

What year was April Rain Song written?

if your talking about the Delain song April rain then the year your lookin for is 2009

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The song Misery Business written by American rock band Paramore was released in 2007. This song was a single from their album called Riot! and landed as a hit in America.

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