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What year were solar cars invented?


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The first solar car was made in 1985.

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There are no viable solar cars in production today. So even though they have been invented, it has had no impact whatsoever on our transportation system.

1950's solar system invented

Solar cars were first built by universities and manufacturers

horace de saussure invented the first solar cooker bout the year 1797

In this century solar powered cars are fully developed and making a name in the automobile industry. But the first solar car was invented by General Motors member William G. Cobb as a tiny 15-inch vehicle called the Sunmobile.

I think they were invented AND sold in 1919 or around that.

1873 is when they were invented

Solar Power was being to be in use around the 1950's

Well cars were first invented around 1884.

Because they have solar panels

...cuz they run on solar energy? lol

NO solar cars do not cause pollution

YES! there were cars in 1944. Cars were invented a long time ago but the cars get better and better each year. Now days we even have cars that have t.v! 1944, they didnt have a t.v in a car.

There are no practical solar powered cars being sold today and are only demonstration vehicles usually built with Government sponsorship. The effect of solar panels was actually discovered in 1839 and in the 1960's it became the power source for satellites.

Solar powered cars are cars that are powered by the sun. when the sun is not out the car will not start, when the sun is out, it will start!

god invented the solar system

Solar cars have 4 wheels on the bottom that let them travel!

The history of the automobile starts in the year 1769 when the steam engine automobile was invented. In 1806 the first cars with internal combustion where created. In 1885 modern petrol/gasoline was used in cars.

you can use solar power because 1 minute of sunlight is a year supply of solar energy!

solar cars get energy from the sun and transfur it in to electricity gas cars burn gas to make electricity

If you're talking about steam cars, it was 1672.

No, cars were invented at the end of the 1800s

The first solar battery was invented in 1954.

Solar cars will help the world a lot.

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