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On 11 July 1984, the U.S. government amended Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208 (FMVSS 208) to require cars produced after 1 April 1989 to be equipped with a passive restraint for the driver. An airbag or an automatic seat belt would meet the requirements of the standard. Airbag introduction was stimulated by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.[26] Airbags were not mandatory on light trucks until 1995.[citation needed] In 1998, FMVSS 208 was amended to require dual front airbags, and de-powered, or second-generation airbags were also mandated. This was due to the injuries caused by first-generation airbags, though FMVSS 208 continues to require that bags be engineered and calibrated to be able to "save" the life of an unbelted 50th-percentile size and weight "male"

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Q: What year were vehicles required to have air bags?
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Are airbags required?

If the automobile came from the factory with air bags they are required. If you have an accident that deployed your air bags, by law they would have to be repaired

Are commercial vehicles required to have air bags?

No airbags are not mandatory on all vehicles. In the united states airbags are mandatory on vehicles under 8500 gvw(gross vehicle weight rating), but might be standard/optional equipment from the manufacturer.

In what year where airbags first required in GM automobiles?

GM introduced the first cars with Air Bags in 1973.GM introduced the first cars with Air Bags in 1973.

The force required to open air bags is dangerous for?

The force required to open air bags is dangerous for children, infants, and small adults.

What is a srs on the air bage on ford focus?

For most vehicles, srs stands for "supplemental restraint system", as in the air bags.

What year did civics get air bags?

In 1992 only the driver side had air bags the passenger side didn't. In 1994 the passenger side and driver side both came with air bags.

Does a 1992 Buick LeSabre have driver side air bags?

Yes, the 1992 Buick LeSabre does have driver side air bags. the air bags were standard in all the Buick cars that year.

Are there air bags in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

No, they weren't required until 1998.

Babies should not ride in the front seat in vehicles with passengerside air bags?

(in the US) Babies should not be riding in the front seat of vehicles under ANY circumstances.

What year did Chevrolet install air bags in the Camero?


Can I put air in my air bags?

You can put Air in Air Shocks Not Air Bags

Estimated 475 lives were saved by air bags in what year?


Does the 1991 Toyota 4runner have any air bags?

Most likely not Since only luxury vehicles carried a driver airbag

What year did Chevy start putting air bags in their vehicles?

General Motors tested airbags on the 1973 model Chevrolet automobile that were only sold for government use. The 1973, Oldsmobile Toronado was the first car with a passenger air bag intended for sale to the public.

Can you use air bags to raise sunken treasure?

Air bags designed for doing that, not auto air bags. Question was in auto repair.

Is it required for a CDL truck to have air conditioning in the state of Wisconsin?

No, there is no such requirement for commercial vehicles in any state.

Where is the turn off switch for passenger air bag on 1999 ford windstar?

1999-model vehicles do not have switches to turn off passenger air bags. This design feature came several years later, and only lasted until 2nd-generation air bags became mandatory in 2006.

Does the Geo Tracker have air bags?

does 1990 geo tracker have air bags

Does the Corvette have an air bag?

Depends on the year. ALL newer Corvettes have air bags. Driver side only beginning in 1990, driver and passenger air bags first used 1994

What was the first year Corvette had air bags?

1990 - all Corvettes have a driver side air bag as standard equipment 1994 - all Corvettes now have standard dual front air bags for driver and passenger

Why are air bags good?

Air bags reduce the number of deaths in accidents on the road.

Why do automobiles need air bags?

Automobiles don't need the air bags, people inside the vehicle do. The air bags help people survive bad accidents.

Why do cars have air bags?

Air bags are safety devices designed to deploy in frontal but not other types of crashes. Most air bags will deploy only in a moderate-to-severe frontal crash. Some air bags can deploy side damage too.

Where is the air bags on a 1994 ford ranger?

I don't believe the 1994 Ford Ranger has air bags My 1995 Ford EXPLORER was the 1st model year that had passenger and driver air bags / SRS / Supplemental Restraint System when Ford redesigned it ( generation 2 )

Does a 1993 Pontiac grand am have driver side air bags?

Does a 1993 Grand Am have air bags