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AMF bought Harley in 1969, and sold in 1981.

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Q: What years did AMF own Harley-Davidson?
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What years did AMF own Harley Davidson and what divisions did they have?

AMF owned Harley from 1969 to 1981. During this time, Harley owned golf cart, snowmobile and motor home divisions.

What year did Harley-Davidson buy back from AMF?

1981,but Harley Davidsons line started back in 1982. Years 1969 to 1981 were AMF bikes.

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AMF Bowling coupons could be a little tricky to find, however, you can get AMF Bowling tickets online with Retail Me Not and AMF website. AMF Bowling Centers has been a leader in family entertainment for a long time. AMF actually means American Machine And Foundry.

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When did Harley Davidson take over amf?

Harley-Davidson never took over AMF. AMF bought Harley-Davidson and then Harley-Davidson management bought it back. AMF was never part of Harley, it was the other way around.

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show you motor oil drain plug on a 2006 harleydavidson streetbob

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amf has the answer. I don't. I was hoping to find that answer from AMF.

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Fred Hipp is the president and chief executive officer of AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc. Mr. Hipp joined AMF in February 2004 with 30 years in the hospitality industry, most recently as president and CEO of California Pizza Kitchen. Mr. Hipp is a native of Buffalo, N.Y., ironically the very same city where AMF debuted its automated pinspotter in 1946.

Are harleydavidson motorcycles made in US?


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AMF has approximately 300 centers and their open times depend on the center.

When did AMF Bowling World Lanes happen?

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When did amf sell Harley Davidson?

I read that AMF sold Harley Davidson in 1981. When in 1981 did this happen?

Is your 1981 Harley a amf?

Could be. Harley was purchased from AMF in 1981. AMF started production in 1970 so all models between 1970 to 1981 are. No telling how many more were on the market after 1981.

What years was Harley Davidson bikes sub par in quality?

Mostly in the 70's when AMF owned them and tried mass production!

When was AMF Bowling World Lanes created?

AMF Bowling World Lanes was created on 2008-11-18.

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AMF does not have any bowling centers in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

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No mate they didnt.

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Options at the cafe in AMF Fairfield bowl will vary and is best to contact their cafe via phone.

Who designed the evolution motor for Harley Davidson?

AMF developed the motor. The Evo motor was just sitting on the shelf at HD when AMF sold out.