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What years did Charles Haley play football?

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Charles Haley (born January 6, 1964, Lynchburg, Virginia) is a former American Football Linebacker/Defensive End who played for the San Francisco 49ers (1986-1991, 1999) and the Dallas Cowboys (1992-1996). He was drafted in the fourth round of the 1986 NFL Draft out of James Madison University. A versatile defensive player, Haley began his career as a specialty outside linebacker, eventually progressing to pass-rusher and finally full-fledged defensive end. Haley has the distinction of being the only player in NFL history to have been on five Super Bowl-winning teams. To date, no other player has surpassed his good fortune. Playing for San Francisco from 1986-1991, he won a ring from Super Bowl XXIII and XXIV following the 1988 and 1989 seasons, respectively. After having a fall out with then 49ers head coach George Seifert, he was traded to Dallas in the 1992 off-season, which turned out to be a fortunate move for Haley as he joined another football dynasty at its peak. With the Dallas Cowboys, he won three more Super Bowl rings over the next four seasons in 1992, 1993 and 1995. Although injuries would eventually force retirement in 1996, Haley did briefly come out of retirement for the 1998 playoffs to aid his former team, the 49ers, and afterwards played another season in 1999 for them. Finally out of playing football for good, Haley turned to assistant coaching, and was a defensive assistant for the Detroit Lions. In his 12 NFL seasons, Haley recorded 100 quarterback sacks, 2 interceptions (9 return yards), and 8 fumble recoveries, which he returned for 9 yards and a touchdown. He was also selected to play in 5 pro bowls (1988, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995) Haley is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for African-Americans. He entered the organization through the Xi Delta Chapter at James Madison University located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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