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What years did Florida State win national titles in football?

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In 1993, with a "touchdown" nobody has yet produced a photo of, and 1999.

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Who are the only division one teams to win multiple national titles in basketball and football?

Maryland, Michigan state, Michigan, Ohio state, Syracuse, Florida

Who won the 2014 ncaa football national championship?

The Florida State Seminoles won the 2014 NCAA football national championship.

What years did Florida win NCAA title?

In football the Florida Gators lay claim to three National Titles:1996 - Florida 52, Florida State 202006 - Florida 41, Ohio State 142008 - Florida 24, Oklahoma 14

How many national titles have Ohio state won in football?


What state has 4 consecutive college football national titles?


Who won the last 6 national football titles in college?

2009- Alabama 2008- Florida 2007-Louisiana state 2006- Florida 2005- Texas 2004- Southern California

Whose better Michigan football or penn state football?

That is an opinion, but I think Penn State has more national titles.

Who has won more football national titles Michigan Wolverines or Michigan State?


Did any state win 3 straight college football national titles?


How many national football titles has UCLA won?

One shared National Title in 1954...with Ohio State.

Has anyone ever won state national and super bowl football titles?

Mike Doss. back to back high school state titles. National champs with Ohio State, and Super Bowl with the Colts.

What years did Florida State compete in the national football championships?

1993 and 1999

How many national titles does Ohio state have?

Ohio state buckeyes has 61 national titles

How many BCS national championships has Florida State University won?

Two BCS Titles. Florida State went wire-to-wire, defeating Micheal Vick's Virginia Tech Hookies in the 2000 Nokia Sugar bowl and beat Auburn in the 2013 BCS National Championship. Florida State has won three national titles, however, the first title against Nebraska (1993) the BCS did not exist.

What year did the University of Florida win both the national football and basketball title?

2006. Florida defeated Ohio State in both the BCS National Championship Football game and the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

How many national titles does Auburn University football program have?

one. they were co-champions in 1957 with Ohio state.

Who won the 1996 college football national championship?

The Florida Gators beat the Florida State Seminoles 52-20.

What NCAA conference have the most teams who have won at least one national championship in football?

According to All time data base the answer would be the Big 10 with 7 teams, and second the SEC with 6.Big 10: Illinois 4 titles, Iowa 1 title, Michigan 10 titles, Michigan State 2 titles, Ohio State 5 titles, Penn State 4, and Minnesota with 6 titles for a total of 42 National Championship's in football.SEC: Alabama 12 titles, Auburn 2 titles, Florida 4 titles, Georgia 1 title, LSU 4, and Tennessee 2 for a total of 25 National Chairmanship's.Sorry SEC fans our current dominance is a recent event.By the way SEC does hold the record for the most National Championships in a row at 5. Michigan won the national title 4 years in a row. 1901-1904

How many national football championships has Florida State won?

its 3 i forgot what year though

What teams played in the 1999 NCAA football national championship?

Virginia Tech and Florida State

What state has won back to back national championships in football with different schools?

Florida and Alabama

When was Florida State Seminoles football created?

Florida State Seminoles football was created in 1947.

What team won the 1996 NCAA National Championship in football?

The Florida Gators defeated the Florida State Seminoles 52-20 to win the 1996 NCAA National Championship.

How many national state championships has the University of Florida football won?

Three. 1996, 2006, 2008.

What is the name of the football team of Florida state?

The Florida State Seminoles