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Roger Staubach's football career at the Naval Academy spanned 1962-1964.

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Q: What years did Roger Staubach play for the Naval Academy?
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How old is Roger Staubach?

Ex-NFL QB Roger Staubach is 75 years old (birthdate: February 5, 1942).

At what age did Roger Staubach retire from the Cowboys?

Roger Staubach retired from the Dallas Cowboys after the 1979 season when he was 39 years old.

Can the naval academy recruit for sports?

Roger Staubach played for the US Naval academy- then years later- went pro- he had to fulfill a mandatory four-year tour as a commissioned officer in the Navy- quite apart from military requirements, this reason alone is why few (Major Leaguers or NFL types) came out of the Service academies. Staubach is the only one I can think of. I do not know if the Army"s Davis and Blanchard ever went pro- they were, in Gold and Black- known as the Touchdown Twins.

What years did roger staubac play for Dallas?

The Heisman Trophy winner from the Naval Academy played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1969 to 1979.

How many years between quarterback winning Super Bowls?

Roger Staubach (SB 6 and 12)

Was Jojo Starbuck the wife of Roger Staubach?

No, but she was married to another NFL star, Terry Bradshaw, for about 10 years.

Can Naval Academy Midshipmen be married?

They will be kicked out of the Naval Academy if they are married. If the Academy does not know about it and does not find out about it during your entire 4 years there (i.e. not even letting your friends know) then you should be ok.

How long did Roger Staubach play in the NFL?

Naval Academy graduate and Vietnam Veteran Roger Staubach was drafted by the NFL in 1964 (Round 10 / Pick 129), but due to his Navy commitment, wasn't able to begin playing until the 1969 season. He played for the Dallas Cowboys for 11 seasons, from 1969 - 1979, in which he led the Cowboys to 2 Super Bowl victories, and earning himself Super Bowl MVP honors for Super Bowl VI.He was the first of only 4 players to win both the Heisman Trophy and subsequently earn Super Bowl MVP recognition. He is also the last player from a military academy to win the Heisman.

Can a naval academy football player get drafted into the nfl?

The president could be drafted by an NFL team. It would simply give that team the rights to the president if he should ever choose to play football in the NFL. Roger Staubach, for instance, played at Navy was drafted. He did not play football for 5 years because he fulfilled his naval duties, including a tour in Vietnam. He later went on to win 2 Superbowls and go to 6 Pro Bowls.

What were Oliver North years at the US Naval Academy?


Who made the us naval academy?

in 1845, the US Navy recognized it needed a school to formally education future naval officers and by an act of congress the Naval School was established at old Fort Severn in Annapolis. 5 years later it was re-named the Naval Academy as we know it today.

Can you enter the naval academy with asthma?

Basically, if you have been diagnosed with asthma on or after 13 years of age, it becomes an automatic disqualification for the United States Naval Academy. Sorry. -Doesn't matter if you take meds, its the fact that you have it.

How many years do you have to serve after graduating from the naval academy?

You serve a minimum of 5 years (Longer for Nuclear Power and Aviation)

How many hall of fame quarterbacks went to navy for college?

Just One..... Roger Staubach..... inducted in 1985 (only 16 years after his NFL debut)

What is the total average cost of going to the Naval Academy?

$0.00 and 4 years of blood, sweat and tears.

What is The US military Academy?

It is a college for future US Army officers, founded March 16, 1802. It is the oldest of the Service Academies, predating the Naval Academy by 43 years.

Is the Naval academy easier than boot camp?

Basic training (boot camp) is required the summer before you begin at the Naval Academy. If you are thinking of the harshness of it all, the Marine Corps boot camp will be as it is concentrated into 3 months, however, the Naval Academy will stretch it out over 4 years. Due to the nature of the two it is not a fair comparison to think of them in the same context as their missions are different.

What is the youngest age accepted in to the Naval Academy?

You cannot be younger than 17 years of age, because you have to be old enough to me in the military.

Can i attend the us naval academy even if i don't wish to join the military?

No way. When a person graduates from a U.S. Service Academy they promise to serve at least 5 years in the branch of their school.

Do Marine Officer candidates go to the US Naval Academy?

Yes. After successfully completing four years at the Naval Academy you will receive a degree and a commission as either an Ensign in the US Navy or a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. That is not the same as Officer Candidate School, which held at Quantico, VA.

What was the highest level of formal education thet heydrich held?

He graduated from the German Naval academy and then served for a few years in the small German navy.

Do students pay tuition at the US Naval Academy?

In a manner of speaking. In exchange for their education, they agree to provide six years or more of service in the US Navy.

How many years do graduates of the US Naval Academy have to serve in the military?

They have to serve six years, four years on active duty. If they resign their commission, they can complete the last two in the reserves. If they do not graduate, they may incur an enlisted obligation.

What is the name of the US Navy official tune?

"Anchors Aweigh" is the fight song for the United States Naval Academy. The US Navy does not have an official tune, but "Anchors Aweigh" is strongly associated with the US Navy, and has been sung by both Naval Cadets and recruits in bootcamp for years.

Is naval academy easier than marine corps boot camp?

Yes, the Marine Corps is considered to be the school of hard knocks of the military branches. Boot Camp is 13 weeks long and cuminates in one final test of everything the recruits have learned, the crucible. The Naval Academy is a 4 year school for training Officers. 4 years is rougher than 13 weeks.