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I have just purchased a Model 120 myself, and have been looking to gather some information. So far I have found that the Marlin Model 120 was released to sale in 1972 for a whopping $150. I found this information from an ad from an old magazine that was for sale on e-bay.

The Model 120 shotgun, manufactured in 12 ga. only, was introduced in 1972 with limited production; full production followed in 1973. It was cataloged through 1985 (not sure about '86 and '87) but did not appear in the 1988 catalog. There were a variety of barrels made by Marlin for this gun including 26" IC, 28" M and 30" F with rib, as well as 28", 30" and 40" (later shortened to 38") plain barrels. A 26" slug barrel with rifle-type sights was offered in 1973, and later was shortened to 20". These were not rifled tubes, but rather bored to handle slugs and buckshot. They included a provision for scope installation as well. I have owned one of these guns since its introduction in 1972. In the mid-late 1980's I began a concerted effort to find a slug barrel for it. None of the aftermarket barrel makers have ever offered one (at least that I am aware of). I was lucky enough to find a modified plain barrel that somebody had shortened to 20" and installed front and rear sights onto at a gun show about 20 years ago. I have never seen a slug gun for sale and occasionally see a 26"-30" gun advertised on one of the internet gun sites at prices ranging from $200 - $275. I believe that the gun was underrated as it is every bit as well made as its competitors.


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Yes, the barrels are rifled.

No. The barrels are not rifled

Rifled barrels are meant for sabot slugs. Rifled slugs are fired from smoothbore barrels.

Although barrels were being rifled as early as the 1500s in Germany, it was not until the late 1700s that this manufacturing technique became popular.

I believed they did...............................

12 g sabot slugs. Rifled slugs are for smoothbore barrels.

Yes. Rifled slugs are intended for smoothbore barrels (abot slugs aer for RIFLED barrels). Best accuracy with rifled slugs is USUALLY a modified choke, but can be safely fired thru any choke less than EXTRA full choke.

Yesbut check for a rifled barrel rifled barrels will make a slug more accurate

Vent rib for smooth bore shotgun barrel, rifled barrel has sights to shoot like a rifle.

Rifled slugs. Sabot slugs will not be as accurate- hose are meant for rifled barrels.

Remington uses "hammer forged" rifled barrels on all production rifles. Their custom shop uses mostly "button rifled" barrels unless the customer specifies a barrel made by a custom barrel maker who uses the "cut-rifled" process to install rifling into a barrel blank.

I doubt if anyone knows exactly who made the very first rifle. Long arms with rifled barrels have been made since the 1600's at least.

Rifled slugs were designed for smooth bore barrels because they lack rifling. Sabot slugs are made for rifled bores but they can fire through smooth bores with loss of accuracy. I am not sure about rifled slugs in a rifled barrel because I think the bullets rifling can improperly connect with the bores rifling and you risk scratching the barrel.

Yes. Rifled slugs are intended to be fired through a smoothbore barrel. Sabot slugs are intended to be fired through rifled barrels.

no you cannot. sabot slugs are made for rifled barrels. I would buy a rifled slug barrel.

There are no barrels being produced for the 120. However, there are some available on eBay and other places from time to time. Usually, the 26", 28" and 30" barrels go for less than $100, but the MXR 38" and 40" go for around $200 each. Slug barrels $125 to $150 smooth bore, and $250+ for a custom rifled slug barrel. If you need help finding one, e-mail me,

In the most general of terms, slug barrels are rifled and regular barrels are smooth bore. Both are capable of shooting slugs.

The direction of the spin which is put on the bullet by the rifling.

Rifled Slugs are meant for smooth bore barrels mainly. The rifled slug is made of lead and so if you shoot it through a rifled barrel the lead touching the rifling will cause some of the lead to peal off and can build up over a very short period of time. Also the facft that you are shooting a rifled slug through a rifled barrel would cause the bullet to become extremely unstable and inaccurate. Rifle barrel sare meant for sabot slugs (slugs with a plastic wad surrounding the outside). You should eb good though to shoot a rifled slug out of your barrel with a mod choke tube, but smooth bore deer barrels are ideal.M.I.

It is generally not advisable to shoot slugs through a full choke, although people argue about this all the time. Personally I use IC choke for Foster slugs. Sabot slugs are designed to be used in rifled barrels only. You can but it proves a little dangerous. But the biggest factor is that the lead slug squeezes through such a small hole it deforms and your accuracy goes to crap.

probably not, historicly shotguns are smoothbore if you shoot a slug, THAT would be rifled.

Yes. Follow the makers recommendation for the upper limit of choke.

Yes it could be done, but you would have to locate a smooth bore barrel to change it with. Remember smooth bore barrels are not as accurate as a rifled bore barrel.

A carbine is simply a shorter version of the long gun. If the long gun was rifled, the carbine version would also be rifled. Examples of well known carbines with rifled barrels include the M1 Carbine of WW 2 and the M4 carbine version of the M16.

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