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The most popular were manufactured between 1985 to 1987 but there was a 1983 Grand National that was manufactured as well.

Buick started this whole deal with the Turbo Buick back in 1976 with the 1976 Century Indy Pace Car which was a 231 V6 Indy Pace Car that out accelerated the Buick 455 from 90 to 110 mph! 8-) shortly thereafter the Turbo V6 ended up in Buick production as "Hotair" turbos (no intercooler) and culminated in 1986 and 1987 as the "BadBoy" intercooled Buick Grand Nationals with the 1987 being the fastest US production car for 1987. Then Pontiac used the Buick Turbo V6 in the 1989 Trans Am. And let's not forget the awesome 1987 GNX...LOL.

See the following website for all the good information on this outstanding vehicle ;-) :

To see a "Real" Grand National go to and click on "Grocery Getter" That's not my Buick GN.........Mines faster 8-)


I would also like to add that the same turbo V6 was also offered in the 1981 Chevy Monte Carlo. Buick Regal Turbos before the famed GN were called T Types.

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Q: What years were Buick Grand Nationals produced?
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