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Glenfield Marlin Model 25 rifles were patterned after the Marlin 80C and Marlin 780 rifles. The Glenfield name was added for sales to coast-to-coast chain-stores versus stores that were specific Marlin dealer stores. The Glenfield 25 was manufactured from 1979 through 1982 according to Brophy. Others would suggest the Marlin Glenfield 25 was produced from 1972-1982. Regardless, the Glenfield name was dropped in 1983. The rifle continued as the Marlin Model 25 until 2003, which then became the Marlin 925. Differences between the Marlin and Glenfied were purely cosmestic i.e. birch stocks instead of walnut stock, different trigger guards, and triggers (black instead of gold colored). It is still being produced in .22LR (Marlin 925) and .22 Magnum (Marlin 925M) versions today. Most parts between the Glenfield 25 and Marlin 780 will interchange with no problem. Some of the Glenfield 20 and 25 will interchange as well. However, not all late model parts between the Marlin 780 and Marlin 80 will interchange with those models made in the pre-70s.

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Q: What years were Glenfield Model 25 22 rifles made and what model Marlin would be the same?
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Does glenfield rifles made by marlin have the same micro groove barrel as the marlin?

My Glenfield Model 25 has a micro-groove barrel,so I imagine others do as well.

What are the production dates of marlin greenfield model 60 22 log rifle?

The Marlin Glenfield model 60 is one of the rifles many variations that was in production from 1966-1982.

What is a marlin model 30as?

The Marlin model 30AS was a No frills model of the model 336 marlin lever action rifle.This model was formerly a model of the Glenfield line of rifles.They were made from 1983-2000.These rifles were chambered in 30-30 Win.only.They had a 20in.barrel and a walnut finished birch stock.

Marlin glenfield model 60 22lr What is it's value?

value marlin glenfield model 60 22 simi auto rifle

When was a marlin glenfield model 60 serial number 11218797 made?

Your Glenfield model 60 was produced in 1989.

What year is your marlin glenfield model 25 serial number 26560980?

your marlin/glenfield was made in 1974.

What is the age of a Glenfield model 25 serial 27384941?

Your Glenfield Model 25 is actually a Marlin Model 80 with sling swivels. According to Forums all of the Glenfield rifles were numbered right along with the Marlines. According to your rifle was manufactured in 1973.

Is the Glenfield Model 25 trigger mechanism compatible with the Marlin Model 925?


What is the value of a Marlin Glenfield Model 778?


When was the marlin glenfield model 100g made?


What year is a glenfield model 60 410 gauge bolt action?

Glenfield,which was made by Marlin Firearms Company made a bolt action .410ga shotgun from 1956-1965.This was the marlin model 59 which is the same shotgun as your Glenfield model 60.

What was the first year for the Marlin Model 925?

The Marlin model 925 22 long rifle, was first introduced in 2003. Before that it was Glenfield Marlin model 25 or just Marlin model 25. Hope this helps.

What year is the marlin glenfield model 25 serial number 12664444 made?

Your Glenfield model 25 was made in the year 1988.

Can you get parts for a Glenfield model 75 if so where?

The Glenfield 22 model 75 is the same as the Marlin 75. It was made for Sears and the parts probably can be obtained from Marlin In New Haven, Connecticut. This site has parts for the Glenfield model 75. I have them.

Where can you get a clip for a marlin glenfield model 20?

Call Marlin Customer Service 800-544-8892. Place orders there. Part # 504046. Glenfield 20 is same as Marlin Model 780, except for the wood.

Where can you get a clip for a Glenfield Model 25 rifle?

straight from marlin

What is the age of a Marlin Glenfield Model 30 serial AD 26571?

your glenfield was made in 1968.

What retailer sold marlin glenfield model 30?

I know that the J C Penny company sold the glenfield model 30A.The otasco company also sold this model.

How can you find info on a glenfield model 30A 30-30 cal.?

Marlin Glenfield. Marlin Glenfield

Is the charging handle for a Glenfield Model 70 the same as the Marlin Model 60?

yes the exact same

What is the age of a Marlin Glenfield Model 30A serial 20170263?


What is value of glenfield marlin model 70 22 LR?


How can you find age or year of manufacture for jchiggins model 42 bolt action 22 rifle?

The J C Higgins model 41 /103 19770 Was made by Marlin Firearms.1959 .103 is the Sears vendor code for Marlin .The model 41 is the same as the the Marlin Glenfield model 10. These are very nice little rifles that are well known for accuracy.

What year is the marlin glenfield model 25 serial number 24639081 made?

Your serial number indicates that your Glenfield model 25 was made in the year 1976.

What is value of Glenfield marlin model 75 C serial 18396533?

Your Glenfield model 75C will go for between 50-75 dollars on today's market.

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