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What years were the Stevens model 521 12 gauge shotgun produced?


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The Savage/Stevens no 521 was made between 1930-1932.

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A Stevens 79 20 gauge shotgun depends on the specific shotgun. This model can be produced over and over each year. Therefore, the year of the gun is based on the specific gun, not the type of gun.

How old US a Stevens savage model 530a 16 gauge

Your Stevens model 200 shotgun was produced around circa 1910.

The Stevens model 67L was last made in 1989.Their value is from 100-200 dollars.

The stevens model 9478 shotgun was made between 1978-1985.

Your Stevens model 77C was made from 1955-1971.

Your Stevens model 77F was produced from 1955-1971.

Stevens 947y This shotgun is a Savage 940,940Y,or 940B

it's a 12 gauge shotgun that with pump action feed.

A Savage Stevens model 94 shotgun was made from 1926-1945,there were 934,000 made during this time frame.

Your Stevens shotgun was produced from 1978-1985.

My dad and I bought a Stevens Mod. 940 single shot 16 gauge at a hardware store in 1950. model # 940

What isthe value of a Stevens double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 and when was it made?

I have parts for that model.

The Stevens model 311 was discontinued in the year 1989.You would have to contact Savage/Stevens to get the actual age of your double barrel shotgun.

It s a Stevens model 311D double barrel shotgun serial number A226687 16 gauge. everything is on the side of the shotgun.

It is a Stevens 94 series shotgun, which was produced for many years. Would have to see the parts to determine which variation of the Stevens 94 it is. WAG would be 1960's-1970's.

I have a model 167 series E and it is a 12 gauge up to 3" magnum

The Stevens Savage Model 124 12 gauge shotgun was made from 1949 to 1954. The serial number will signify the actual year of manufacture.

The value for a Stevens model 124b 12 gauge shotgun depends on its condition. As of 2014 the average value for this gun in excellent condition is 175.00.

The stevens model 520 shotgun was made from 1912-1932.There was a total production of 191,000 shotguns made.

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