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Marlin made a Golden 39A .22 lever rifle from 1954 to 1963 (serial prefix L through W). The Marlin model 50 was a semi-auto 12 ga. shotgun. If you have a .22 rifle marked "Golden 50," it isn't a Marlin. I have a Golden 50 Glenfield Mod. 65 from the Marlin Firearms company built in 1970.

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Q: What years were the golden 50 22 rifle made?
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What is the value of a 22 Henry rifle golden boy?

The Henry Rifle called a Golden Boy is valued approximately 475.00 USD JWM TEXAS These are made in Brooklyn NY USA

What years did colt sauer make the rifle in 22-250?

Colt did not make the rifle. Sauer made it for them.

What year did Crosman make a 22 cal bb rifle?

Crosman never made a .22 cal BB rifle. They made several .22 Cal Pellet rifles over the years. Several are still in production.

22 rifle made in china in 1974 serial no 05007 is it a collectible?

In about 30 years.

What years were the Colt Courier 22 LR rifle made?

1970 to 1975 I believe.

How old is a 22 rifle made by national firearms company?

100 years or so

What year did the glenfeild 22 rifle golden 50 come out?

@ 68

What year is your marlin 22 golden 39A mountie lever action rifle with serial number Z17771?

The letter Z prefix points to the year 1964,when your Marlin rifle was made.

What years was the mossberg and son 22 rifle model 151k made?

The mossberg model 151K was made from 1950-1951.

Who made the trailblzer 22 long rifle simi auto?

Iver Johnson made the Trailblazer semi auto .22 rifle

Winchester 22 rifle?

Winchester made many rifle models chambered in several .22 calibers.

When did daisy make a 22 caliber rifle?

1968. They also made a .22 rifle that used a special caseless .22 cartridge.

Marlin golden model 39-a what is a 22 long rifle marlin golden model 39-a?

The Marlin Model Golden 39A is the oldest and longest continuously produced shoulder firearm (rifle) in the world.

What is the age of a browning 22 cal rifle serial 8T1156?

This is a Browning .22 auto rifle made in 1968.

Was the 22 rifle made on purpose?


What is the age of a 151k mossberg 22 semi auto rifle?

It was only made for two years- 1950 and 1951.

What is a cooey 22 cal rifles?

Canadian made 22 rifle.

What is the age of a colt lighting rifle serial 28054?

The small frame .22 rifle with that serial number was made about 1897 (112 years old) and the medium frame .32,.38 &.44 was made in 1888.(121 years old)

Who made sears 22 rifle model 43?

Your rifle was made for Sears by Marlin.The Marlin model 81 and your rifle are one and the same.

What is the value of a Remington 1905 youth 22 pump rifle?

Remington never made a Model 1905 22 rifle.

If someone purchased a Marlin Golden 39 M 22 rifle about 20 years ago and it's still in excellent condition what its value is today?

About $250-$300.

What is the value fo a 22 mag Henry golden boy rifle?

50-300 usd

When was the 46B 22 s-l-lr rifle made and by who?

The MOSSBERG Model 46B was made between the years 1938 and 1945.

What years were the Winchester 1906 22 pump rifle made?

Winchester made there model 1906 pump action .22cal rifles from 1906-1935.

Year of a o.f. mossberg 22 rifle model?

Mossberg made a LOT of .22 rifles- there are dozens of different models. If you can give us a model number, we can tell you what years they were made.