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The savage model 94 series of shotguns were made from 1926-1945,with a total production of 934,000 made during this time.

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Q: What years were the savage model 94c shotguns manufactured?
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What year or years were savage model 30T 12 gauge pump shotguns manufactured?

1958 - 1970 I was told

What years did savage produce model 220a shotguns?

the savage model 220 shotguns were made from 1937-1945 with 50,000 being made.

What years was the savage model 46 manufactured?

Your Savage model 46 was made by Savage Arms from 1969-1973.

What years were the Savage Model 94 Shotguns made?

Made between the years 1926-1945

What years was savage model 1914 manufactured?

made from 1914 to 1924

When was the springfield model 67H shotgun serial number A495387 manufactured?

These shotguns were made by savage/stevens between the years 1986-1989.There was no accurate records kept of the serial numbers as to year of production.

What years was Stevens model 38b 410 shotguns made?

Stevens was bought by Savage in 1920. Check with Savage customer service thru their website.

When was the Savage Model 6A made?

The Savage Model 6A was Manufactured bewteen the years 1938-1945 Trevor Weston 1066 Custom Firearms Gunsmith

What years did J. Stevens make semi automatic shotguns?

The model 124 was manufactured from 1950 through 1956.

Ithaca skb model 200 mgf date?

The Ithaca Gun Company manufactured shotguns between the years 1969 and 1978. The Model 200 was almost certainly manufactured at that?ætime.

What is the age of a springfield savage arms model 951 410 single shot bolt action?

I have one of these shotguns. I estimate it is 45 years old.

What years were the model 330 shotgun over and under made by Valmet for Savage?

The 330 was manufactured by Vlamet between 1969 and 1980.

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