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1954-1974. What it's worth depends on overall condition, box, manual, accessories, finish, grips, how bad you want to sell it, how bad someone wants to buy it, etc.. Price range from 200-600

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How much are 1980 38 smith and Wesson hand guns worth today?

they are worth 60,000$ today. The real answer is, it depends on the model and condition.

When was your smith and Wesson model 14 serial number K339688 made?

There really is no way to know exactly when it was made. Smith and Wesson makes parts in batches and there is no guarantee that a frame made today will be built today. The closest you can come is a date showing when it shipped from the Smith and Wesson wareshouse. This particular serial number was shipped @ 1958.

How old is a 38 special smith and Wesson model?

Need a detailed description of ALL markings. <><><> Agree. Smith and Wesson first made the .38 Special in 1899, and is making them this morning- yours can be anywhere between 1899 and today.

What year is a Smith and Wesson gun?

Somewhere between 1852 and today. That was when they opened for business, and they are open today.

What type of hand gun does a FBI agent use?

Standard issue to FBI agents today is the Glock model 22 or 23 chambered for .40 Smith and Wesson.

What was the date of manufacture of .38 S and W revolver model no unknown sn 26029?

There really is no way to know exactly when it was made. Smith and Wesson makes parts in batches and there is no guarantee that a frame made today will be built today. The closest you can come is a date showing when it shipped from the Smith and Wesson waresouse. Without a detailed description, to include all features, no way to give an estimate.

What are the years for smith and Wesson serial numbers?

Since the company started in the mid 1850s until today.

What year manufacturing 357 S and W serial?

Smith and Wesson makes parts in batches. There is no guarantee that a frame made and serial numbered today will be built today. The best you can do is to get the approximate date it was shipped from Smith and Wesson to a distributor. If you had provided the serial number, an answer could be given.

What is the today 2011 value of Smith and Wesson model 28 and .357 highway patrolman with a 4 inch short barrel?

500-1200 USD depending on condition, box, accessories, papers.

What year was Smith Wesson Model 25 7 SN N339131 made?

Call Smith and Wesson toll-free at (800) 331-0852 during business hours; when you get the "choose a department" phone-menu, hit number 7 (at least as of today, October 23, 2009.) When someone answers, simply ask, "Can you please give me the date-of-manufacture for a serial number?" They will kindly do so.

What age is a Smith and Wesson 6 shot revolver with serial number 16561?

Impossible to answer. Serial number is not unique to only one S&W- or they would today run into the trillions. You can contact S&W, but you will need the model and the caliber- which you did not share with us.

Anyone know the age of a Smith and Wesson 4006 serial TZC 8700?

I know the 4006 started production in 1990 and still is today. That ser# I don't know.

What is the year of manufacture of a smith and Wesson model 41 with serial number 25752 and what is the value of this gun today?

Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory. It could have been made anywhere from a week to a year before. Value range 100-1000 USD depending on the usuals.

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What is the best pistol ever made?

Colt M1911 chambered with the .45 ACP. No pistol has been made that is better than the original Colt. Still used today by some military and police. The Smith & Wesson K22 is the best revolver ever made.

What is the value of a dickson howa golden bear rifle?

Your Dickson Howa Golden Bear is a copy of the Sako Finnbear. Dickson was a US importer who brought the Howa rifle in from Japan. The Howa is a good rifle. The Golden Bear is the same as a Smith and Wesson Model 1500 and Mossberg Model 1500. Weatherby Vanguard is very similar also. There was a recall on some Howa/Smith and Wesson rifles. The flaw was that closing the bolt could cause the gun to accidentally fire without touching the trigger. Get your serial number checked to see if the recall applies to your firearm. If it does, get it fixed. In 1970, Your rifle retailed for $130.00 US. Today, in mint conditon, your rifle would be valued at $650.00. Any nicks or worn bluing would naturally decrease the gun's value.

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