Snow and Ice

What you can do on snow?


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pee on snow

walk on snow

sit on snow

have a tea party on snow

snow ball fight on snow

eat on snow

go on the computer on snow

lay down on snow

eat the snow

and many many many more, do you get my drift?

going to skate with my family and my boyfriend

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Collective nouns for snow are a blanket of snow, a bank of snow, or a drift of snow.

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Because snow owls are white, such as the snow in the winter. They are named after the beautiful snow.

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clean snow is white snow not yellow snow!♥♣♠

It is guaranteed that it will snow somewhere. Whether or not you will get snow depends on where you live.

Yes. From Calvin and Hobbes:Let it snow!To and Fro!Hi-de-ho!Snow, snow, snow!There are others also.

Some verbs associated with the noun snow are 'falling snow', 'blowing snow', or 'drifting snow'.

Snow leopards get water from the snow.

an alliteration for crisp snow is crunchy crisp snow or crispy crisp snow

no"Snow" can either be a noun (eg: "There's snow on the ground") or a verb (eg: It will snow tomorrow), but not an adverb.

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it is to do with the weather

An Adaptation of a snow leopard is it blends into the snow.

frozen snow is ice frozen snow is ice

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