What you have to do to change norton antivirus to your new computer?


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Please let me know how to change my norton antivirus from my old computer to my new computer' My EM is . Last 4 digits of my credit card is4103. I lost papers related to my Norton Antivirus. Help me. In Spanish if possible Thanks. Antonio Alicea--Azabache Street 913 Country Club San Juan,PR 00924

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Yes, unless the computer comes with the Norton Antivirus Software preinstalled. Of course, if I were you, I would let the 60-90 day trial subscription run out then download (if and ONLY if it is for personal computer use) the free basic AVG antivirus software. If you are using it for a business network, i would still use AVG. Norton has a tendancy to put a Windows virus on your computer, thus making the computer completely inoperable. A fellow college student said that her laptop had Norton and it had put a virus on her computer. So, in other words, Norton is NOT a reliable antivirus software to use.

No, get an antivirus program from Norton or one of the other programs. If you have Comcast you can get Norton free.

MessageLabs was purchased in 2008 by Symantec, the computer security software corporation that produces Norton AntiVirus. MessageLabs still exists as a subsidiary.

email Norton with proof of purchace they should issue you with a new product key

The person credited with the invention of the Norton Antivirus is a chap called Peter Tippet. The product was later sold to Symantec, who then marketed the product as Norton Antivirus The antivirus was written in assembler by Bill Chambers and sold to the Norton group. After being proven that it neither stopped most viruses or checked the boot sector and partition table by a new hire named Michel Roter, its release was canceled and a new team was hired to rewrite the complete product. This took about 6 months which produced the first Norton AntiVirus 1.0. I wonder who credits Peter Tippet (Peter Tippet maybe?) who wasn't even there.

More or less. Norton AntiVirus 2009 hits all the right security notes, and its superior protection technologies might even win back some jaded anti-Symantec folks, though for some, technical support may continue to frustrate. With their 2008 version last year, Norton moved towards constant program updates & free upgrades while you have a current subscription. So, when next year's new version comes out you can upgrade at no additional cost as long as you have a current Norton Subscription.Also new in the Norton AntiVirus 2009 version is the Pulse Updates feature that automatically downloads new Virus Definitions every 5-15 minutes. This new feature gives you the most up-to-date protection of any antivirus program available.

because new viruses are CONSTANTLY being released. and if your Antivirus is using outdated virus signatures and the new virus comes in to your computer...the antivirus wont be able to see it and stop it and it will wreak havoc on your computer.

This is a new product from Symantec which replaces Norton AntiVirus, Internet Security and 360. This will work on Android phones by downloading the app from Symantec once you purchase the product.

AnswerAs you most likely know it is very important to keep your anti-malware software up to date. This is because updates help to protect against new malware and exploits. In Norton Antivirus there are two ways to manually update virus definitions. The first is to open the Norton Antivirus user interface. This is the window that appears when you click the Norton Antivirus shortcut on your desktop. Then click the LiveUpdate tab. Then click update.The second and more complicated update method is open your web browser and navigate to the Norton Antivirus virus definitions page. You could google this but I am going to put the link at the end of this answer. Go through the motions and then click the Definitions (which is in red under the words File-Based Protect Traditional Antivirus). Then you will be taken to a new webpage and you will then click the executable file (.exe) in green. Keep in mind this method is more complicated and I would recommend it.

AnswerSoftware that is code that performs a malicious or unwanted act on your computer. This software is know as malware. Antivirus programs help to detect malware and prevent it from harming your computer. New malware is being created everyday. In order to protect against new threats you should updat your antivirus software. The antivirus software itself will not harm your computer if you do not update. However, your computer will not necessarily be protected against new threats your computer could become infected. If you have any questions you can write on my message board.

If installing a new norton program..When installing a new version of norton it usually will uninstall the older version as part of the installation process. If it does not do this it will normally tell you to do this yourself and then start the installation process over again. If you are installing another program then yes you must uninstall first. There are many good free antivirus programs out there. Look online for these, some examples are: AVAST AVG These work well and are the perfect price.

Scan your PC using Free Antivirus Softwares , One of the best new technology Free Antivirus is

Norton anti virus software provides protection against known viruses as well as malicious spyware that could potentially damage your PC. Norton also keeps as up to date on any new viruses or spyware that hit the web.

NORTON 360Right-click the Norton 360 Premier Edition icon in the system tray and select Disable Antivirus Automatic-Protect.You will get a new dialog box with five options: 15 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, Until system restart, Permanently.Choose 5 hours.

To keep your computer safe from new viruses.

(I'm assuming you mean antivirus software, not a virus.) Your computer can get infected with new viruses that your antivirus software can't detect and stop because the database has not been updated.

I'll take a scan first in my new computer then install some antivirus and games. Then I'll connect it to the internet and make a research.

I prefer nortons, especially the Norton Antivirus 2009. The reason is in the following:Norton AntiVirus 2009 provides fast, responsive defense against all types of malicious software including viruses, spyware, worms, and other software threats. It protects your system without slowing it down. Rapid pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes help to ensure that you're protected from the latest threats. Working quickly and quietly in the background, Norton AntiVirus requires little memory and system resources. The new Norton Insight relies on extensive online intelligence to target only those processes at risk, resulting in faster, shorter, fewer scans. And the new Norton Protection System employs a multilayered set of security technologies that work in concert to detect, identify, and block attacks. Version 2009 improves on product performance.

Their is no such thing as the 'best' antivirus or anti spyware program. But there are many antivirus and anti-spyware programs are available in market like Norton, Optimo AV, Avast, Avira and many more.Since new viruses are always being made, for the protection of your PC use antivirus software.

Unfortanetly you can't restore deleted system files. You can only delet files that you created. I expect that you may be experiencing problems with your computer because system files control how the computer works. For the infected system file I would get the newest version of Norton Antivirus because it automatically will delet any viruses and will restore the infected file or folder. Actually I may have or may not have found a solution to your deletion problem. Get Norton System works which keeps a history of your deletions so you can restore anything that you have deleted on your computer. If neither of these work then you should get a new computer. Don't get angry if you had to pay a large amount of money because when you get a new computer the Norton software won't let you down.

The definitions for antivirus programs are basically snippets of viral code from all known viruses. When a file is accessed on your computer, the antivirus software does a quick scan and checks its database for any matches to to its definitions.

There is no such thing as minimizing the risk of catching viruses when downloading software from the Internet. Since their are new viruses coming out everyday, you technically have to update your antivirus software everyday to help protect against these new threats. All I can say is, have a very effective antivirus software and try not to download things off the Internet. If you don't have any antivirus software, I recommend getting one of these programs: Norton 360, Symantec, or McAfee Antivirus Plus. Also get SpyBot: Search and Destroy to help protect against spyware and also MalwareBytes to further protect your computer from malware.

Computer viruses can be prevented by:Having common sense; do not go to a website you know will be harmful to your computer.Downloading a trusted antivirus, such as Microsoft Security Essentials. It is also important to keep the antivirus database up to date so that the antivirus can now detect new and current viruses.It's not that hard, if all else fails then download Malwarebytes and boot your computer into Safe Mode. Then, scan the computer. Trust me, I have Computer Literacy classes in Middle School.

It is important for a good majority of people to buy high-functioning antivirus scanner software for their computers. A person may wonder what actually constitutes good antivirus software. There are some things to take note of when you are trying to purchase the right antivirus scanner software for your computer. Any antivirus scanner software program that you purchase should be totally easy to use. If you don’t know how to use the antivirus computer program, or it’s complicated to learn how to operate it, then it is best to find another program. Your antivirus scanner software program should check your computer for viruses at least once, if not twice per day. You really don’t want any undetected viruses to harm your computer, and this can happen if the antivirus program doesn’t scan your computer quite often. Good antivirus scanner software should update itself very frequently. The more frequently the antivirus program updates, the better the chance is that it will catch harmful viruses before they do some damage to your computer. You do not want to purchase an antivirus scanner program that slows down your computer way too much. If you notice that the speed of your computer is extremely impaired after installing the antivirus program, then it is time to find a new program for your computer. If the antivirus scanner software makes your computer totally crash or lock up, then you will also need to find a new program for your particular computer. The antivirus scanner program that you do choose should be pretty low cost. Fully operational antivirus software should not run you hundreds of dollars. Some companies may require that you pay an annual fee in order to keep using their antivirus scanner software. Although it can be typical for companies to charge an annual software fee, not all companies do this. Some software companies allow you to pay one upfront fee for the use of their antivirus program. The amount of money that you should spend for a good program depends on what exact antivirus program you are looking to purchase.

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