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When Sasha Uskov forges a IOU note, the Uskov family gets a dark secret that nobody is allowed to know about. The Colonel believes that Sasha should be punished and face the consequences for what he had done by going to jail and serving his time, which is where he would probably die. On the other hand, Ivan Markovitch, Sasha's other uncle, believes that he should not be punished this time, but if it happens again, then Sasha will pay the price. Sasha, whose parents are dead, believes that he did nothing wrong because it was his friend's fault that he didn't his money back. A great argument breaks out between Ivan and the Colonel, but in the end, Ivan convinces the Colonel that Sasha should not be punished. Ivan lets Sasha know that nothing is going to happen to him. Sasha then asks Ivan for money (another IOU that he won't pay back) and realizes that he is a criminal.

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Q: What you the theme of the story of the orator by Anton Chekhov?
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