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What you think the hazards of cheating are?


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It depends on individual, but for sure one of hazardous of cheating is the pain that you can give your spouse. It will make your spouse depressed, low self esteem, feeling not good enough, will loose the safety blanket that your spouse has from you. There are a lot of concequences when it comes to cheating.


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Cheating how? In a game or in a relaton ship? Well, getting caught I guess.

I think that he is cheating on Miley Cyrus. Do you think he is cheating on her?

I think the natural hazards are earthquakes and hurricane's.

I think copying is not cheating forever.

I think cutting is not cheating forever.

If you think that a girl is cheating on you, then she is most likely not worth your time.

if u think ur bf is cheating on you and then he will have a fit about it.

It depends on your definition of 'cheating.' If you think of cheating as getting all the answers, then yes. If you think of cheating as in using a hacking device, then no.

i think that the hazards are tempature, weather, and starvation/dehydration

Yes, I think they will give me money without cheating. Because without cheating i can be a loyal person to others

Tut Tut cheating on your btec work are we ???

i think you are worrying to much about your husband cheating if you are having dreams. But whatever your dreams, it is not considered cheating, i think you need to trust him more, and relax.

Both sexes, female and male think about cheating. But hey, it depends on you as an individual how you percieve the topic of cheating and whether you see it as right or wrong.

No then she will think it is you he is cheating with. That is just my advice

Cheating is cheating, and I think a spouse is hurt whether the cheating is with a man or a woman.

cheating mean copy pakistan country i think it is cheater

Nobody is cheating on anybody. :) in this relationship. i think he is he is a cheater

I don't really think there is a difference, to be honest.

Your lesbian girlfriend always think you are cheating, if she has found you in the company of a lady before, or you have been acting to repel her.

Says he'll do something but then bails, lies a lot, doesn't call or text as much as he used to. If you think he is cheating tell him you think he is cheating but your not sure and see what happens

I think the word "cheating" is not what is important. My definition of "cheating" is different than most others. I think cheating is any time you deprive the partner of any significant truth. You are not letting them know exactly who they are with and they are under a misconception of who they're in a relationship with. And this means that if you have sex with someone else and tell your partner, you are not "cheating" as you are being completely honest about what you have done.... now of course, what you did was wrong but it's not cheating by my book. I do not condone it, I just think cheating is when you are being dishonest. I think secret texting and phone calls is not as bad as having sex. But by my definition, it is cheating. If you think cheating is only when you're physically fooling around, then that's fine, but then secret texting and phone calls would be being dishonest and could be perceived as having an emotional affair, which I really think can be worse. I hope that helps you! Good Luck!

the hazards of plastic are that they kill animals,and sufficate humans(those are the bad things i could think of.

If you think he's cheating and he has no time for you and he is always busy yup he is cheatin.

Go with him. Don't let him go. If you think he's cheating why stay with him. ! :)

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